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Details of manually operated industrial pinch valves for use within a range of different industries and applications including aggregates, water, powders, pigments, sewage, cement and many more.
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Minimum Maintenance saves Production Losses

Loss of production by any means within an industrial operation is always a critical factor, which is a reason why Control Pinch Valves have an established place as a primary component in industry. Because of their unique design and construction, their users have extremely high levels of performance, durability and reliability in operation. However, this would not be possible without the controlling factor of the valve, which is the innovative elastomer sleeve. This component is hard wearing, with anti abrasive qualities, flexible, versatile and easily replaceable onsite. Composed of rubber or suitable material compositions, this crucial component ensures that any interruptions in the flow of a processed material are limited.

Manual operated Pinch Valves provide users with an integral part of industrial processing operations, which in certain instances could be a solution to a production complexity. In a large variety of industries with varied applications, a critical and highly positive factor of this valve type is that it has only one moving part, which is the only part of the valve having contact with a product flow. This is the elastomer sleeve, designed and produced for a user's particular application.

It is an element especially suited for demanding and particularly challenging applications encountered by a Manual Pinch Valve where processing a specialized form of product is required. Operation of this manual controlled pinch valve is by an operated hand-wheel, exerting pressure onto the elastomer sleeve inside the valve and compressing it into a closed state. The quantity of pressure placed on the elastomer sleeve, between fully open and sealed closed positions, determines the rate of the product flow.

Advantages of an Innovative Valve

Of particular benefit to users, when compared to other varieties of valves, is that closure of the elastomer pinch valve sleeve is achievable quickly and completely, providing an immediate shut-off position. This action is possible even when processing large, particulate materials or those of an abrasive and corrosive nature. In a fully open position, the Manual operated Pinch Valve provides a full and unobstructed flow of a processed product, with the least amount of turbulence. The factor of minimum downtime provided by this valve is a dominant factor for users.

Contributing further to the effective operation of Control Pinch Valves is their lightweight construction and specifically designed use for applications where corrodible and heavy metal valves would not be viable. Users need effective product processing and the elastomer sleeve is a critical factor. Therefore, it is advisable users identify the properties of a processing product, to ensure the elastomer sleeve will be compatible with it.

This valve type, recognized as a solution for all forms of processing applications in many industries, has an abrasion-resistance, self-cleaning, and flexibility. Of particular interest to users, is that the valve will not scale, bridge, plug or freeze on slurries and has the capacity of performing in industries associated with the treatment and handling of various chemicals. Due to there being no packing to maintain or cavities, seats, or cam action to bind valve operation, processing products with erosive and corrosive content are within the capabilities of this innovative valve.

AKO has representation in 22 countries, with customer service and support a priority. Innovation in designed development and construction continues to and has been a trademark of the company for over 26 years. Industry leader and manufacturer of Manual Pinch Valves AKO provides its customers with worldwide service and support. With production plants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, they are renowned for producing only products of the finest quality, durability and reliability. For more information please visit www.pinch-valve.com


AKO UK Ltd has been established since 1998 and distributing their leading product, the Pinch Valve, into industrial markets and industries with great success.


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