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A latest gift of technology: Low Energy Lamp Bulbs

Thursday August 25, 2011. Technology has gifted us so much till date and is still giving us many new surprises.
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Thursday August 25, 2011. Technology has gifted us so much till date and is still giving us many new surprises. One of the latest inventions of technology is the low energy lamp bulbs. These lighting bulbs serve to make our households and workplaces eco-friendly and also these are more cost effective. Government has recently put a ban on 75w bulbs. Do you know the reason why are they being faded out?

It is a fact that the normal incandescent light bulbs are highly inefficient as they convert only 95% of the energy in to light and waste the rest. With the application of the energy lighting bulbs we could reduce domestic energy consumption by 60 per cent. These energy efficient forms of lighting do not use any filament to produce light thus they consume very less energy and produce very low cost to your households.

LowEnergyLampBulb.com is one of the best online stores that deal with the ENERGY STAR lighting products, which is basically an energy standard that has been set for low energy light bulbs that are environmentally friendly and are manufactured to meet certain parameters. ENERGY STAR standards typically showcase the environment friendly quality of the LED bulbs and their efficiency in saving customers big money. These guidelines are a result of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and U.S Department of Energy. The online store has also received certification from the US government for serving its customers with the highly efficient technologies all for residential, commercial as well as industrial lighting applications. We at lowenergylampbulb.com make sure that our respected clients receive only the official recognition received lighting systems, which have the highest standards in energy efficiency, safety and minimum environmental impact.

LowEnergyLampBulb.com is definitely not an online store, where you can find the cheapest fluorescent, compact fluorescent or LED lamps as there are many online sites that are already marketing cut-rate bulbs. Rather LowEnergyLampBulb.com is the site, where you can purchase good lighting systems for your home or working place and that too with finest quality. The energy lightings that are available with us are LED lights, energy-saving halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. LED lights are the energy efficient lightings that do not contain any filament and produce light directly from the electricity thereby lowering the energy cost to the maximum. Also, these are far more durable, eco-friendly and longer lasting options as compared to the others. Second are the energy-saving halogen bulbs, which though contain a filament but they produce more light with very low energy cost. The halogen gas and the tungsten filament create a unique chemical reaction that creates a recycling process to extend the lifetime of the filament. Third are the compact fluorescent lamps, which do not utilize any filament for lighting up because they work on the series of the chemical reactions that takes place within the fluorescent tube. The phosphor coating lights up these compact fluorescent lamps.


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