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Low Energy Lighting Equipment Are Really Beneficial for Customers

Thursday, August 25, 2011. LED bulbs and conventional light bulbs are both lighting up our households today.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011. LED bulbs and conventional light bulbs are both lighting up our households today. But have you ever noticed what cost are they both levying on our electricity bills, what respective benefits does these both lighting types serves us, our households and moreover our environment with? This may surprise you but it’s true that that the energy lighting costs are very low than any other lighting and also these lighting systems support our eco-friendly environment theory to the most.

The design of these LED bulbs not only reduces the energy consumption but they also lower the gas emissions and carbon footprint that is harmful for the environment. The compact version of the fluorescent lamp technology in the low energy light bulbs establishes them the title of compact fluorescent lamp or CFLs. Do you know what the fluorescent lamp technology is? In every new bulb, the positive and negative terminals have different voltage. This difference causes the electrons to jump the gap between the terminals. The electrons that attempt to jump these terminals upon failure collide with an inert gas, upon which the electrons within the gas become excited and release photons i.e. the visible light from the bulb.

Though the low energy light bulbs are expensive as compared to the others but they serve with a longer life span. The two main kinds of energy saving bulbs are the CFL and the LED (light emitting diode bulb). LEDs are even more expensive than the CFLs but they are considered as the most efficient low energy light bulbs. These bulbs basically work with a semiconductor and a process called electroluminescence. Under this procedure, upon applying of an electric current the atoms on one end of the semiconductor jump across and start combining with oppositely charged equivalent. The completion of this combination produces energy and the visible light of the lamp.

CFLs and LEDs are both the newest types of energy saving lightings that ESL of North America serves its customers with. This high technology lighting company has its main operating office in the United States and put in its best efforts to meet the needs of inhabitants all over the world. ESL qualifies to serve its customers with the highest quality lighting solutions thereby bringing to the market the products that have the maximum energy efficiency. These lightings help us saving the energy cost to a maximum thereby reducing the cost in the electricity bills to a shocking figure. Though these energy saver lightings are far better than the Incandescent lights but they both have different features to serve the respective needs of every individual and his household.


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