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Tobacco and Alcohol Party Launched In Australia

A new political party has started in Australia.
Dulwich, SA, Australia (pr4links.com) 05/08/2011
Dulwich, SA, August 05, 2011 -- The Tobacco and Alcohol Party has formed to represent a voice for everyday Australians. The Tobacco and Alcohol Party will be fielding candidates in all seats in the Senates and the House of Representatives at the next Federal Election. A letter will be sent to all politicians to inform them of this development shortly.

“The Federal Government’s Plain Packaging Bill became the catalyst for us to form,” said Mr Bruce Holland, Director Tobacco and Alcohol Party of Australia.

“When legal products, trademarks and Intellectual Property are manipulated and compromised the fundamentals of a free democratic capitalistic society are under threat.

“What are the consequences of this legislation on the rapid growth in contraband products, dumping of cheaper ‘plain packaged brands’ into the market and the cost to taxpayers of the commercial litigation and claims are already occurring?

“When plain packaging becomes a legislative approach due to public health fears, where does it end?

“Does society as we know it become bland everywhere, Is the next step plain Alcohol labelling and packaging?

“Obesity is the single highest preventable cause of death in Australia. Do we plain package fast food or even any food that is deemed by Government to be bad for us?

“There is no independent evidence based research to suggest that plain packaging will reduce consumption of legal tobacco products in Australia.

“Is the Government really in the business of legislating to protect a minority of excess users of legal products or are there better ways to minimise harm?

“This bill is interventionist legislation that is patriarchal and draconian with no logical end in sight as to where it might stop,” Holland said.

“This bill is a philo-political approach that states: ““We the bureaucracy know better than you and what is good for you. We will make decisions to protect you from yourself and from capitalistic national and multinational companies.”

“We could end up living in a drab, plain colourless world with a government intent on protecting us from legal products that they deem are bad for us,” Holland concluded.

Contact Information: Web Address: http://voiceforchoice.com.au/, Media Liaison Glenn Kerrigan, Email: glennk@adam.com.au, Mobile: 0410612860

Written and Authorised by Tim Seymour-Smith for the Tobacco & Alcohol Party of Australia Ltd
Level 2 178 Fullarton, Dulwich SA 5065.

Darryn Keneally
Tobacco and Alcohol Party of Australia Ltd
Dulwich, SA 5065


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Darryn Keneally

Dulwich, SA 5065
Zipcode : 50650