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Pneumatic Operated Pinch Valves are CriticalFeatured PR

Details of air operated pinch valves for use within the industrial sector, including advantages, design and functions.
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Industrial Reliance of this Versatile Valve

This innovative variety of valve is used in various operations by many types of industries. It is a component operated by mechanical means or external actuator and performs as its name implies, by the utilizing “pinching” action. The design and construction are on an air operated pinch valve principle, in which source of compressed air or fluid is generated into the casing of the Pneumatic operated Pinch Valve. It is however, the critical elastomer sleeve inside the casing of the valve that effectively controls, measures and regulates a product flow.

Many material product flows contain fibrous and corrosive elements and the Air operated Pinch Valve is well recognized for handling this type of product processing operation, due mainly to its capability to serve as a blocking method and easy closing action. It is a particularly versatile valve, with a benefit to users of being operated by a hand-wheel, or automatically. Industrial processing plants are constantly seeking to improve their method of operating, primarily to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.
In many years of operating in a huge number of industries and highly performing in various types of operation, the Pneumatic Pinch Valve has proven that long serving inner pinch valve elastomer sleeves provide for extraordinary low maintenance costs. This factor is because of the facility for easy on-site maintenance, able to be carried out by the user and needing only the changing of the elastomer sleeves.

Minimum Contact with Processing Product

This type of valve is a particularly versatile component, in all aspects of processing liquids, fluids and various abrasive and solid materials. The flexibility and composition of the elastomer sleeve is the main cause of this versatility and even relates to operating temperatures. A huge and unique feature when compared to other types of valves is the negligible contact between the surfaces of an Air pinch Valve and the processing product flow
The innovative design and construction of the Pneumatic operated Pinch Valve, enables the product flow to be processed through and retained by the elastomer sleeve. Accordingly, there is a maximum flow of the product as contact is only with the elastomer sleeve resulting in slight friction resistance.

Operation of an Air operated Pinch Valve is by a supply of compressed air or fluid directly into the casing of the valve, which causes a compression of the sleeve due to its extremely flexible, high rebound composition and resultant elasticity. Influenced by this original operation action, the elastomer sleeve can close easily and freely into a lip-shaped form, contributed to by the design of the valve casing. This simple and highly effective method seals the processed product material tightly and creates operating conditions for a long service life of the valve with minimum downtime.

AKO Armaturen a leading manufacturer of Air operated Pinch Valves over a period of more than 25 years, has developed an internationally recognized reputation for producing the highest quality products. Represented in 22 countries and with production facilities in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, they develop, design and construct valve casings and the elastomer sleeves, to meet specific user needs. For customers, the results are the attaining of maximum system performance, minimum maintenance and cost effectiveness.

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AKO UK Ltd has been established since 1998 and distributing their leading product, the Pinch Valve, into industrial markets and industries with great success.


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