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The Lucky Group Leads The Way Towards A Greener Economy

The Lucky Group with its operations spread out all over the Middle East, promotes metal recycling which in turn reduces the country’s carbon footprint along with promoting a green economy.
Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates (pr4links.com) 01/08/2011
The Lucky Group today spans facilities all over the Middle East including strategic locations at Dubai, Jebel Ali, Doha and Tehran. Such a large footprint allows them to gather scrap metal from multiple sources, which in turn leads to ‘green jobs’. The same green jobs provided to the people of Dubai deliver a low carbon foot print leading to reduced environmental risks which results in a greener economy.

Though the Lucky Group started off as a smaller entity, its operations have today excelled to a global level including China and Canada. Their operations in the United Arab Emirates sufficiently supply manufacturers all around the world with either raw scrap materials or processed scrap materials in the form of alloy ingots. But all of this also has another positive side, which is that it provides green jobs or jobs that contribute in a large way to preserving the environment and helping sustain it. Such green jobs play a large role in the way that their actions directly help the company offset the large amounts of energy that similar virgin ore’s need to process in most primary production processes. Mining and processing virgin ore to produce new material not only damages the environment but also takes up excessive amounts of energy which has a direct relation to the pollution levels that exist within a country. Hence by reducing the pollution and promoting the use of competitively priced recycled metals for use in new manufacturing processes, they bring forward a greener and more sustainable environment.

The Lucky Group Of Companies is a leading scrap metal recycler in the Middle East. They have three divisions, Lucky Alloys which looks into the secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloy manufacturing; while Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals (Toronto, Canada) takes care of the metal recycling interests. They always ensure that their clients get the best quality raw materials possible at the most competitive prices. To know more about the Lucky Group and its facilities kindly visit them online at: htpp://www.luckygroup.com

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Lucky group UAE having the divisions that are Lucky scrap recycling, Dubai Scrap Yards & alloy manufacturing also mainly engaged in scrap metal trading & alloy manufacturing.


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