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The Lucky Group Discourages Environmentally Harmful Mining

The Lucky Group a leading scrap metal recycler in Dubai is against mining which damages the environment.
Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates (pr4links.com) 01/08/2011
The Lucky Group, a company on the forefront of metal trading and metal recycling in Dubai is against mining which leads to serious environmental damage. They promote the use of recycled metals which helps reduce the need for fresh new virgin materials which requires to be mined for processing and manufacturing.

New virgin metals that are freshly mined for manufacturing cause a lot of harm to the environment. Mining not only destroys the vegetation around the mining area, but also destroys the ecology in the surrounding area. The ore that is obtained as a result of mining also needs to be processed. This processing of ore requires huge amounts of energy which in is turn run fuelled by coal which leads to increased pollution. As of today there is plentiful supply of reusable metals available here on earth. Recycled metal can be smelted and reused reducing the need for mining which damages the environment. Old scrap metals collected from collection points belonging to the Lucky Group all over the Middle East and brought in to the Lucky Group’s scrap metal processing facilities and consume less energy to process when compared to the new virgin materials that have to be processed from ore’s. Once scrap metals are processed to their raw forms in various packages, they are sold at competitive rates in global markets where manufacturers incorporate them into their products. Such products eventually after completing the life-cycle end up again in the scrap yards which creates a cycle thus reducing the need for freshly mined materials.

The Lucky Group of Companies has its operations in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Doha, Toronto and Shanghai. From its small roots the company has expanded into global organization with a presence that spans more than 40 countries worldwide. The Lucky Group today deals in multiple types of scrap contributions such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous and rubber tubes to industries the world over. To know more about the Lucky Group and its facilities and divisions, kindly visit their website at: http://www.luckygroup.com

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