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Walking Tours For 50+ Travelers Helps Plan Their Next Adventure With Ideas From New Book

Designed with the 50+ traveler in mind, FabPlacez.com offers video and walking guides to make each journey a breeze. Coinciding with the release of the new book, “Elle’s Grand Adventure”, the site offers advice for the frequent traveler.
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People commonly perceive long, distant tours as exclusively for people in their vibrant youth. However, when it comes to adventures, travels and journeys, no age is too old. In fact, exploring places, discovering new worlds and having fun at it make everyone look and feel young. The trick is in finding the right places, and knowing the right things to do to make a journey worthwhile.

FabPlacez.com provides video guides and walking guides for the 50+ traveler. The website is home to popular vacation locations around the globe, giving visitors the option to take the virtual tour – using the website's video vignettes – to preview hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. It also has travel tools that include short videos, suggested agendas and maps – all designed with the 50+ traveler in mind. Offering a plethora of travel information, FabPlacez.com equips visitors to map and plan the next get-away.

FabPlacez.com is all about fun, excitement and relaxation in the later years. The website allows travelers to customize a suggested itinerary to make the most of their vacation time and enjoy other favorite activities. Travelers can decide to either cover more area in their allotted time or take “smaller bites” and get to know a particular selection. Thereafter, they can download the point-to-point maps for stress-free navigating.

Individuals planning a longer journey, can check out FabPlacez.com's Suzy Guides section that provides another dimension to travel experience. Suzy Guides offers walking tours consisting of Walk NYC, Walk Paris and Walk London topics for those who want to travel the world's most attractive destinations.

FabPlacez.com also features the traveler's guide “Elle’s Grand Adventure" for some easy, uncomplicated advice for how to make traveling more fun. The book is authored by Elle, a 63-year-old woman who went beyond the sadness that comes with being recently widowed and decided to share her travel ideas. A copy of "Elle’s Grand Adventures" would make a great gift for the mature travel lady.

Travel buffs who are out and about should visit http://www.fabplacez.com/ and learn how to create the grandest, most memorable journey of a lifetime.


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