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Details of pneumatically operated pinch valves for the industrial sector including uses, applications and design functions.
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"The Manufacturer of Pinch Valves has the ambition to produce the highest quality products and provide its customers with a component ideally suited for a particular application. "

Pinch Valve Innovation and Quality

The service given to users by the innovative Pinch Valves can have the appearance of highly technical and complicated operation. However, the uniqueness of the component is contained in its design and construction simplicity. There are a minimal number of parts in the construction, with the inner sleeve or elastomer being the only moving part and the one that is susceptible to wear. However, even this essential, effective and critical part has a low cost and maintenance factor, ensuring downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum.

The Manufacturer of Pinch Valves has the ambition to produce the highest quality products and provide its customers with a component ideally suited for a particular application. Ongoing research and development are concerned with innovative improvements to valve casings and operational factors. Any saving in time and greater efficiency in even the smallest of details can provide customers with an edge over competitors.

This forward looking perspective is shown in the development of Pinch Valves and making them an integral part of any industrial process, beyond compare with other varieties of valves. A particular and challenging application for valves is related to applications involving silos. To see how this type of valve will be of particular benefit to users with specialized operations, visit www.pinch-valve.com.

A Pinch Valve is mounted in a permanent position in a silo input line. As the processing product load of a tanker is discharged by using its integral pump, the rising level of the contents is determined by a sensor located at the top of the silo. When the maximum capacity level is achieved a micro- switch is activated and a signal transmitted to the solenoid located on the valve. This causes an immediate reaction, with the air pressure closing the sleeve in the valve which activates a simultaneous audio alarm to the driver of the tanker, as a warning to stop the pump action.

Manufacturer Designed Innovation

Should an air operated processing system be caused to lose the supply of air and the Pinch Valve is in a closed position, this situation will remain until the cause is determined and rectified by an engineer. When re-opening again, the loss of air is detected by a pressure switch, causing the valve to close. In this instance, the air supply is functioning as a “fail safe” mechanism. The large number and varied users of this pinch valve type all have potentially specialized applications, which require the unique services of the valve. With the flexibility and versatility of the inner sleeve or elastomer, a user has the means of operating efficiently and cost effectively.

This particular variety of valve is designed and constructed by the Manufacturer of Pinch Valves to perform in widely varying specialized applications, which would be prohibitive to other valve types. For example, strong acids require a certain form of elastomer, which would not perform satisfactorily in a food and beverage application. The character and properties of a processing product and the temperature to which the valve will be exposed, are determining factors in the valve design. Due to the capabilities of the sleeve or elastomer this valve can operate in an extensive range of between minus 50° F to 180° F. With its extreme flexibility applications include organic carbon based acids and mild chemical compounds.

AKO Armaturen during a period of more than 25 years developed an internationally recognized product, which has made them a leader in their industry. As a leading Manufacturer of Pinch Valves they design and construct valve casings and the elastomer sleeves, to meet specific user needs. For their customers this results in the attaining of maximum system performance, minimum maintenance and cost effectiveness.


AKO UK Ltd has been established since 1998 and distributing their leading product, the Pinch Valve, into industrial markets and industries with great success.


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