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EXNESS Web-site Now Available in Spanish, Thai and Hindi

Starting June 17, 2011, EXNESS official website is available in three new languages. Now our clients in Thailand, India and Spain can get the latest information about EXNESS.
Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg city, Russia (pr4links.com) 28/06/2011
Starting June 17, 2011, EXNESS official website is available in three new languages. Now our clients in Thailand, India and Spain can get the latest information about EXNESS and use all online services in their native languages.

Today the EXNESS website is available in the following languages:
- English
- Russian
- Chinese
- Indonesian
- Malaysian
- Spanish
- Thai
- Hindi
- Georgian

At EXNESS we value our clients’ convenience. That is why the Company will soon be releasing an Arab language version of its website.

EXNESS also made the updated version of MT4 with exciting changes to the user interface and chart color settings available to its traders.

The updated terminal has a cleaner interface with fewer symbols displayed in the Market Watch window, reducing traffic and sending orders to the server for processing faster than ever. Now traders with slow internet connections will receive fewer requotes. Users may add or remove financial instruments by right clicking on the Market Watch window and selecting the Symbols menu.

In another visual update, MT4 on EXNESS terminals will now display timeframes with our corporate colors. Download the latest version of MT4 here.

Favorable trading conditions are the key to stable, long-term growth for any company offering services in the international currency market. Today EXNESS clients get the best spreads for the most popular currency pairs on the FOREX ( https://www.exness.com/ ). Why? Because creating optimal Forex trading conditions for our clients is a key strategic goal at EXNESS. That is why we are once again tightening spreads for Mini and Classic accounts trading in the main currency pairs!

In order to prevent an imbalance between partner program commissions and the cost of insurance against the Company’s risks related to handling transactions, we are forced to change the percentages paid on trades by our partners’ clients using all types of accounts. Starting August 1, 2011, the regular commission will be 30% and premium partners (IB) will receive 35% of the average spread for each trade.

To reduce the effects of this change, we will also remove all limits on commissions for trades lasting less than 10 minutes. Starting August 1, 2011, the duration for which a position is held will have no effect on partner commissions. Our partners will notice the difference, since EXNESS studies have shown that the majority of commissions are paid on transactions by traders who hold positions for a short period of time (scalping). With transaction duration limits out of the way, EXNESS partners will see their partnership commissions grow.

Tighter spreads will also create an environment in which each client can make more trades at an unprecedentedly low cost, making it even easier for our partners to attract new clients.

We believe that these new measures will result in an even more profitable relationship for EXNESS clients and partners.

EXNESS remains a leader in rewarding its partners, with commissions that are among the largest in the Forex industry.

EXNESS Press Service

FOREX trading entails risk, and transactions with financial instruments may result in losses.



EXNESS is committed to being responsive and flexible to corporate and individual clients, acting as a reliable partner in helping its clients grow their businesses, and supporting important social and economic programs. EXNESS clients are drawn to our reliable, affordable services and our personal approach to each client’s needs.


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