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Oakley Progression Sessions, Red Bull Cold Rush and Under My Wing: Winter for Skier Grete Eliassen

Professional skier Grete Eliassen continues her success through the 2010-11 winter season; taking part in Oakley Progression Session events, Winning Red Bull Cold Rush, Filming for TGR’s ski movie, and participating in Red Bull “Under My Wing”.
Phoenix, AZ, United States (pr4links.com) 01/06/2011
One of Grete’s goals for the 2010-11 ski season was to help out Oakley with their Oakley Progression Sessions. She attended the camps in Loon Mountain, NH and The Canyons, UT. The events give young women the chance to meet their idols and learn tricks for pro skiers and snowboarders. Grete was proud to have a part in teaching women of all ages their first 360s, slides on boxes, as well as fundamental skiing techniques.

In between Progression Sessions, Grete headed out into the backcountry with TGR to continue filming for “One For The Road.” After purchasing her new GMC Sierra 1500 (Snell Motors) and tossing her sled in the back she was ready to go. When asked about the trip, Grete said, “It was easy to get a lot of shots we needed fairly quickly. On this trip things happened a little more quickly, since for most of the trip it was just me and the cinematographer.” She went on to say, “I have never got more shots in my life. In the morning I would hike three lines, in the afternoon I would build a jump and session it until I could not ski anymore. It was just perfect and the sled-necks left my landings alone because I was a girl.”

After a good week of filming with TGR, Eliassen was ready for the Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton Mountain, CO. The year prior she had finished second behind her friend and competitor Suzanne Graham. This year she was determined to show the skills she had been perfecting and come away with the trophy. The event is broken into 3 parts, Grete won slopestyle and won cliff day. The 2 wins put her into first place overall and allowed her to become champion of Red Bull Cold Rush 2011.

In April, Grete led an event called “Red Bull Under My Wing,” which gave young up and coming female skiers the chance to ski with professional skiers like Grete. Part of the event is allowing the young female skiers to learn what it takes to become an elite professional athlete. Many of the girls could not believe they were able to ski with their hero and now have the privilege to call her their friend and mentor.

The next day Grete flew to Narvik, Norway to ski with Ane Enderud and Karina Hollekim. It had been a dream of the three girls to ski with one another, especially in their homeland of Norway. The 3 girls toured mountains from the ocean to the top of peaks. On perfect sunny days, they went heli skiing. A lot of the mountains in Northern Norway have not been skied, so a lot of the lines they skied were first descents. Watch a sneak peek of her trip on ColdAsIce.TV ( http://coldasice.tv/tag/norway/ ) and see all the action in the Norwegian Ski movie from Chaos Productions, which will be delivered in DVD format in all major European ski magazines in the Fall of 2011.

After flying on airplanes for three days to get to Tahoe, California, Grete made it to the High Fives TRAINS slopestyle event in Alpine Meadows. To Grete’s great surprise, after skiing everything but park for the last two months she won the contest. Eliassen donated her winnings to spinal cord research. Following the High Fives event, Volkl Skis held a photo shoot on the big jump with remote control helicopters and the team jumped into the sunset all night. The team shoot included Dan Marion, Matt Philippi and newcomer Nick Goepper.

The following 10 days Grete would spend at Red Bull’s Performance Camp at Squaw Valley Resort. When asked about the event, Eliassen said, “The jumps were perfect and if something was wrong Snow Park Technologies would just go and fix it with their cats. It was awesome“.

Always a hot commodity, after the Red Bull event, Grete was tracked down by the TGR crew, who met up with Grete to finish up her segment for “One For The Road,” dropping Fall 2011.

Grete is finishing up the season with a few spring powder days at Snowbird getting ready for summer to start up. To follow Grete go to her web-site at http://www.greteeliassen.com



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