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G-Lock Blog Finder - No-spam, 100 % white hat, search engine friendly blog commenting software!Featured PR

G-Lock Software announces the release of G-Lock Blog Finder 3, a new version of a blog commenting solution that helps build lots of backlinks without using any risky tactics that could destroy search engine rankings. G-Lock Blog Finder searches for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them.
NY, NY, United States (pr4links.com) 31/08/2010

": Please let us know if you have questions or need any additional information on G-Lock Blog Finder. Contact Julia Gulevich at support@glocksoft.com"

Blog commenting is one of the easiest free ways to get themed links to a web site. But searching manually for blogs that have PageRank and discuss the right topic can be time consuming. It could take hours to find the blogs and make just a couple of comments. With G-Lock Blog Finder it can take a few minutes!

G-Lock Blog Finder seeks out high quality blogs that accept comments on the given topic and brings up blogs with both DoFollow and NoFollow tags. It also recognizes the blogs of the Mixed type which have both DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments and can determine the domain PageRank and page PageRank of found blogs.

In addition, G-Lock Blog Finder allows load custom lists of blogs, determine the blogs’ types and submit comments. Comment submission is made quick and easy with the help of the AutoFill option. It’s possible to create different profiles for different niches and choose the desired profile from the AutoFill menu. Plus, G-Lock Blog Finder can scan the blogs and determine whether the comment is approved or not.

G-Lock Blog Finder key features:

- searches the Internet for blogs that accept comments using the keywords or keyword phrases
- determines the domain PageRank and page PageRank of found blogs
- determines the blog type (DoFollow, NoFollow, MIXED)
- allows post comments on the blogs directly from the program
- auto-fills the comment submission form using the desired user profile
- checks blogs for approved comments
- loads custom lists of blogs and determines the blog type
- exports blog lists to different file formats
- allows sort blogs by different folders

Pricing and Availability

G-Lock Blog Finder is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. A free version of G-Lock Blog Finder never expires but is limited in some features. A single-user license for G-Lock Blog Finder Gold edition costs $99 USD. Further information on the product as well as a free download is available at Fast Blog Finder

About G-Lock Software

Founded in 1999, G-Lock Software is a software developer specializing in applications in the field of TCP/IP and Winsock applications programming. Among its major products there is G-Lock EasyMail, G-Lock Email Processor and G-Lock SpamCombat. For more information on the company and its products visit G-Lock Soft


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