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Direct Mail Company Taps into Social Media Medium

Kessler Creative, a direct mail and print house located in Jacksonville, has created a new program for its clients that takes traditional direct marketing tactics and combines it with digital technology.
Jacksonville, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 05/05/2011
Through the use of social media, Kessler Creative has found its own success in retaining existing clients while acquiring new ones. As a result, they’ve attained the knowledge and professional success to feel confident about offering it as a service to its current customers and new prospects.

“The proper integration of direct mail and social marketing involves strategy and synchronization,” says Keith Kessler, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re finding that social media works best when integrated with the right direct mail campaign.”

The Digital and Direct Combination

To get started, the company developed its own online presence. The marketing department established Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts. To promote its new online branding, the company partnered with Florida/Georgia Blood Alliance for a small “Like” campaign that resulted in big results.

For every new Facebook fan Kessler Creative received from March 7, 2011 to March 17, 2011, they donated $1 to the Alliance. Relying solely on word-of-mouth, Kessler brought in 518 new fans to the page.

“Combining the charitable events that Kessler Creative supports with our social media has proved to be highly successful,” says Marketing and Sales Director Holly Amick. “Not only for our own marketing efforts, but also to heighten the awareness of the many non-profit organizations that we believe in and support.”

Direct Mail Still on Top

Although marketing channels, such as social media, continue to rapidly grow and evolve, Kessler Creative hasn’t strayed from the traditional approach to direct mail.

The company has watched its direct mail department grow consistently despite changes in advertising channels. In the past quarter, Kessler Creative produced and mailed more than three million pieces of direct mail advertisements. The company believes that effectiveness of direct mail has not been changed by the progression of social media. Alternatively, social media and online marketing is just another form of effective marketing that works side-by-side with direct mail.

For additional information, contact Keith Kessler at Kessler Creative.

Kessler Creative was founded in 2001 by husband and wife Keith and Dina Kessler. The direct mail and print company provides printing services, direct mail marketing, e-mail campaigns, and social media services. The national company is based in Jacksonville, Florida.




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