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Banyantree Infomedia Launches Answerify, India’s Most Comprehensive Answer Site

Banyan Tree Infomedia (BTI) has announced the global launch of Answerify, its premiere question-answer portal. The beta version of the portal was launched not too long ago, but thanks to the extraordinary response from its users, BTI has ensured that the full-on portal is launched in less than 8 months since its beta launch
Bangalore, Karnataka, India (pr4links.com) 05/05/2011
Banyantree Infomedia has added yet another feather to their cap by globally launching a brand new sub domain, ‘Answerify’. After the tremendous response to the beta version of Answerify, which was launched 8 months back, the full-fledged version was unveiled yesterday, with full public access. Answerify an advanced question and answer portal will be initially hosted on www.india-server.com. This would be the first global answers portal launched from India. Apart from Answerify, India server already hosts an array of informative domains dealing with news, and gadget reviews. The domain, although as competitive as most others, clearly is a notch ahead when it comes to the categorization bit. It has been architected to provide great usability and easy navigation from a user’s standpoint. Understanding the pattern of use, Banyantree has been intuitive to provide a separate categorization for brands, which again is first time in an answer site.

When asked about the proposition of the sub domain, Sanjay Virmani (Managing Partner) said, “I am mighty pleased with the way it has turned out, especially the look and feel of the site. We have been ruminating on this for quite a bit, just to make sure that we do not compromise on the visual aesthetics in trying to achieve something that’s simple to handle.” Sanjay is particularly optimistic about the traffic and added “Traffic is something that we aren’t overtly concerned about at the moment. Having kept the categorization simple, we are sure about the site gaining momentum and fast.” Another factor that’s going to add impetus to the project is the zero registration process, which, the company claims is again a first timer. Sanjay adds “it is not the first time someone ever did that, however we are surely the earliest to come up with this facility in a question–answer site. As per our observation, when trying to answer someone else’s query, a registration process is usually the strongest hindrance. We understand this and have rightfully done away with the age old registration program. Instead, all one has to do now is insert an email address and get answering.”

Banyantree Infomedia has been upwardly mobile in the recent past and continues to bombard the internet space with useful and intelligent sites such as highereducationinindia.com or Real Estate Hungama. Unlike the current trend of answers sites, Answerify takes complete advantage of Web 2.0 and sets a high benchmark for others to follow. It is not just about being competitive these days but also about having the X factor or as Sanjay likes to put it, the “Wow Factor”.


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