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FloorMall Sets the Record Straight on Tile Flooring Prices

FloorMall offers fair internet pricing options for tile flooring.
Virginia Beach, VA, United States (pr4links.com) 31/03/2011
Floor Covering Weekly recently wrote an article touching on how many companies and retailers have come to see internet pricing for tile flooring as a major threat to the industry. These companies claim that online stores selling tile flooring are utilizing brick and mortar stores to showcase brand name products and then undercutting their prices. The scenario they paint is as follows, a customer visits a tile retail location to browse the tile in person and to get a feel of how the flooring would look in their home. Afterward they go online and purchase the same brand tile for less.

This is a scenario that retailers and some companies claim is damaging to brick and mortar stores and brand names. To combat this some companies are refusing to have their product sold online at all. Many in the tile flooring industry claim that the low prices also don't amount to a better deal for consumers either. In the article, Ryan Caulkins, the president of the Ceramic Tile Distribution Association, claims that the one reason online stores are able to offer such low prices is because they neglect important aspects like product quality, no hassle returns and design assistance.

In a sidebar to the article, Marc Henderson, CEO and President of FloorMall.com—refutes this assertion. Henderson states that his company is dedicated to their customers and adds that FloorMall has “A whole department that is dedicated to customer service. Our products are warrantied and we work with all of our customers and their issues.” Henderson goes on to assert that FloorMall's prices are fair to both manufacturers and consumers.

You can visit FloorMall.com to learn more about the company and browse their extensive tile and hardwood flooring selection.



This sweepstakes is geared toward the social network of the web savvy consumers that FloorMall has always catered to. In this regard, FloorMall has succeeded where larger companies have failed by keeping lower overhead costs and passing these savings onto consumers, builders and mothers like Cristina Page.


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