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Details of pneumatically operated pinch valves by use of air, including applications, control, design and construction.
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"This sleeve is designed to provide 100% closure, even in respect of large and abrasive particles."

Air pressure or water is the controlling mediums used between the body of a pneumatic operated pinch valve and the internal sleeve. This sleeve is designed to provide 100% closure, even in respect of large and abrasive particles. The decline of this pressure will therefore cause the valve to open almost instantaneously. Complete and unobstructed material flow is permitted by the valve sleeve when placed in an open position. Operation of the valve is attained by means of a solenoid-control valve; therefore, the possibility of an expensive actuator is eliminated. Pneumatic operated pinch valves are open and closed by the application of air pressure on the walls of the valve sleeve.

In the event that an application requires the use of flexible tubing, the pneumatic operated pinch valve can be designed in order to meet these specifications. The construction of this particular valve is rugged, and therefore suitable for pressure or vacuum applications. In general, the pneumatic operated pinch valve is manufactured from either a ‘normal opened’ or ‘normal closed’ operation. It is common for the valve to possess a capability to ‘pinch’ flexible tubing with a size ranging from 0.125 or 3.2mm, to 1.0 or 25.4 mm OD. A tube resistance of around 70 Durometer (shore A), can be catered for. Tubing that possesses a higher specification could be subject to the nature of the application.

The requirements for actuation of a pneumatic operated pinch valve are a source of compressed air, with clean lubricated air being most common. The determining of a minimum operating pressure is by means of assessing the rigidity of the tubing, the pressure of the processed media and the response time required. Usually, a minimum of 30-60 psig or 2-4 bars is required, although this will primarily be determined by the model. A maximum pressure supply is restricted to 125 psig or 8.6 bars. Control of the operating pressure is by means of a 3-way valve, which is either air or gas, which can be manually or electronically operated.

The construction of a pneumatic operated includes an elastomer liner or sleeve, through which the processed materials flows. The pressure of air or fluid opens and closes the sleeve by the action of ‘pinching’ it. Therefore, pneumatic operated pinch valves although operating in a capacity as a ‘shut-off’ valve, are also able to adapt to a full range of openings, thus serving a purpose as proportional valves. They possess an extremely wider range of uses within various applications, although are usually most effective utilized within sanitary environments. These can include the medical field and slurry applications.

Compared to several other models of power actuated valves, pneumatic operated pinch valves are a very simple component to implement. In certain instances, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure is forced in order to turn large shaft actuators. However, in the case of a pneumatic operated pinch valve, the air or fluid enters the valve and applies pressure directly to the valve sleeve. For a user, creates a financial saving, with installation and maintenance downtime.


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