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  • 361

    New Website Reveals Top Products for Split Ends

    The website serves customers who want to get rid of split ends without spending a lot of money

    By : | 11-01-2010 | Lifestyle:Beauty | Total Views : 361

  • 699

    Cookie’s Kids Blog Connects Parents, Kids of All Ages

    Photo contests, kids’ letters, Featured Moms section make this blog a must-bookmark

    By : | 11-01-2010 | Lifestyle:Fashion | Total Views : 699

  • 379

    Looking for a Convertible Dress Distributor?

    Convertible dresses are a huge industry today; with the current economic conditions, many women have to watch their wardrobe budget closely. Even in the worst of times, what woman doesn't want to look fabulous? Those who are in the market resort wear convertible dresses want quality, gorgeous fabrics and patterns to choose from - and low prices!

    By : | 11-01-2010 | Lifestyle:Fashion | Total Views : 379

  • 445

    Shayna B Jewelry Announces New Designs by Renowned Jeweler Shayna Gross

    ShaynaB Jewelry is best known for their handmade jewelry and unique designs incorporating freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, silver, and semi-precious stones.

    By : | 10-31-2010 | Lifestyle:Lifestyle | Total Views : 445

  • 682

    Swingers Lifestyle: Partner Swapping Couples

    Soft Swap Swinging – This usually involves either watching another couple or possibly participating without any sexual intercourse.

    By : | 10-28-2010 | Lifestyle:Lifestyle | Total Views : 682

  • 599

    Announcing the 2010 VERYBEST.COM AWARDS

    Luxury online magazine VERYBEST.COM to release 2010 Awards in two tiers

    By : | 10-27-2010 | Lifestyle:Hotel Or Resorts | Total Views : 599

  • 640

    Quiz Clothing Now Shipping to the EU, USA and Canada

    Quiz Clothing, a leading UK supplier of stylish women's clothing, have announced that they are now shipping their stunning ladies' fashions to the USA, Canada and the EU in addition to the UK.

    By : | 10-26-2010 | Lifestyle:Fashion | Total Views : 640

  • 522

    Jan Berkowitz Begins Restoration of Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle

    Jan Berkowitz spent many hours online searching and traveled throughout the US looking for the parts he needed to complete the bike.

    By : | 10-26-2010 | Lifestyle:Lifestyle | Total Views : 522

  • 515

    Jean Marie Joly ECPAT Appeal for Assistance to Help Victims in Pakistan and Guinea Bissau

    Jean Marie Joly was instrumental in founding ECPAT France and Acting for Life with the principle of identifying and working with grass-root associations in poor countries that do not have the means to assist their own people.

    By : | 10-25-2010 | Lifestyle:Retirement | Total Views : 515

  • 551

    A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back To Autism

    A Mother’s Courage follows an Icelandic mother, Margret, as she searches for help for her severely autistic ten-year-old son, Keli. Margret literally travels the globe talking to experts and looking for a program that can help her communicate with her son.

    By : | 10-25-2010 | Lifestyle:Lifestyle | Total Views : 551