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    Enventure Technology Services Expands Indian Customer Base

    Enventure Technology Services, a leading Engineering and Supply Chain services provider to global corporations, have expanded their customer base in India to make the most of the potential shown in the current Indian engineering market.

    By : | 11-03-2010 | Environment:Environment | Total Views : 556

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    Enventure's Engineering Services at EDS/Dassault Systemes Customer Appreciation Event

    Enventure Technology Services, a leading Engineering services and mechanical design solutions provider to global corporations, have been featured in a customer appreciation event conducted by EDS Technologies, jointly with Dassault Systemes.

    By : | 11-02-2010 | Environment:Environmental Regulation | Total Views : 747

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    Catalysts for Environmental and Energy Applications

    BharatBook added new report on "Catalysts for Environmental and Energy Applications" which provides an up-to-date understanding of how catalysts contribute to meeting the energy needs of the U.S. and world economies.

    By : | 10-23-2010 | Environment:Environment | Total Views : 559

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    Smaller living areas has led many to a furniture crisis

    With modern properties growing smaller in size, living space has become a major problem for residents all across the UK.

    By : | 10-20-2010 | Environment:Environment | Total Views : 656