Press Releases for Pharmacy2U

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    Pharmacy2U Announce an Increase in Sun Cream Products

    Pharmacy2U, the UK's largest online pharmacy, announce an increase in the number of people purchasing sun cream products to protect their skin from the summer sun.

    By : | 08-27-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 984

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    Pharmacy2U Announce Increase in Sale Of Insect Repellents

    Pharmacy2U, the UK's largest internet and mail order pharmacy, have announced a significant increase in sales of insect repellents, which they believe is due in part to an invasion in the number of wasps in the UK in recent months.

    By : | 08-26-2010 | Medical:Medical | Total Views : 1058

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    Pharmacy2U Comment on Rise In Hayfever Cases

    Pharmacy2U, the UK's pioneering dedicated online and mail order pharmacy, comment on the growth of hayfever cases over the past year.

    By : | 07-13-2010 | Health and Fitness:Health and Fitness | Total Views : 940