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    Singapore Opens Door to Fourth Mobile Operator to Auction Final 3G Spectrum

    In an effort to provide additional bandwidth to existing mobile phone operators, the Singapore government on Friday announced its plan to auction the final third-generation (3G) mobile spectrum in November, which could potentially bring in a fourth mobile operator to the city-state.

    By : | 09-29-2010 | Business:Entrepreneurs | Total Views : 1470

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    Singapore Business Registration: Setup a Singapore Branch Office

    A branch in Singapore is a business model for foreign companies operating in the country to expand, according to the company's business Rikvin registration.

    By : | 09-29-2010 | Business:Startups | Total Views : 781

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    Setup a Singapore Company: Sole Proprietorship

    It is considered a simple and flexible business entity in Singapore, is the sole owner of the preferred arrangement for most entrepreneurs who want to have absolute control over your business.

    By : | 09-28-2010 | Business:Investment | Total Views : 890

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    Singapore Subsidiary Company for Foreign Entrepreneurs

    While there are several business structures a foreign company can adopt, most experts believe that the most ideal is the subsidiary company that is treated as a local entity which makes this eligible for all the local tax benefits and exemptions.

    By : | 09-27-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 1225

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    Registration of Sole Proprietorship in Singapore

    Considered as the simplest and most flexible business entity in Singapore, the sole proprietorship is the most preferred arrangement by most entrepreneurs who want to have a full control of their business.

    By : | 09-27-2010 | Business:Startups | Total Views : 756

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    Determining the Profitability of a Business When You Incorporate a Singapore Company

    A representative office is a business setup in Singapore that allows foreign companies to conduct market research and feasibility studies

    By : | 09-24-2010 | Business:Entrepreneurs | Total Views : 543

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    New Mind Science Conference: Singaporeans to Learn the ‘Sound’ Way to Beat Recession

    On 2nd October 2010, global thought leader Dr. Pillai will be teaching a Mind Science program in Singapore on using sounds to manifest desires and attract abundance. It is based on his pioneering research on using quantum sounds to create matter.

    By : | 09-24-2010 | Art and Entertainment:Performing Arts | Total Views : 586

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    Singapore Changi Airport Garners Six “Best Airport” Awards

    For its continued excellence in the past two months, Singapore’s Changi Airport was given six “Best Airport Awards” by leading travel organizations in the world.

    By : | 09-23-2010 | Business:Business | Total Views : 425

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    Singapore Companies Hire More Contractual Workers, Face Talent Crunch

    A new survey conducted by global accounting group ACCA Singapore and recruitment firm Robert Half International showed a significant increase in the number of companies hiring contractual or temporary staffs to close the widening gap in the finance and accounting sector.

    By : | 09-23-2010 | Business:Corporations | Total Views : 1627

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    Singapore Company Incorporation: What You Need to Know

    In an effort to attract foreign companies and businessmen to invest and setup a Singapore company, the government has lowered the corporate tax rate from 18 to 17 percent in 2007.

    By : | 09-22-2010 | Business:Startups | Total Views : 641