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New Book Release: Learning How to Hear the Voice of God

New book ‘Into the Silence’ written by Dennis Cummins on learning how to hear the voice of God will be released shortly. It could be one of the most enlightening books for people who are seeking to hear God’s word directly.
Puyallup, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 25/03/2011
Most people either matured or new believers can be discouraged when it comes to hearing the voice of God directly. Most believers want to know how to hear the voice of god and where to find God. Into the Silence breaks it down into understandable terms that will draw the reader into a new dimension in their relationship with the creator of the world.

According to the spokesperson of Experience Church.tv, “Into the Silence is the perfect book for every believer and seeker that is trying to discerning the voice of god. Most people find it difficult to distinguish God’s voice from the regular thoughts of their mind. This creates a paralysis in their walk with God do to their uncertainty of what thoughts to listen to and what thoughts to cast down. This book solves and provides answer for such question and it can help to establish an intimate relationship with God easily."

Dennis the author of this book opens the lids on the power of our imagination and guides us to see God for our self. How to remove the obstacles that cloud our spirit and mind. Tap into dreams which next to the Bible are one of the most powerful tools God uses to convey his messages to us. It is really fascinating to hear the voice of God. There is nothing more powerful than to hear God speaking to us directly through His written words. This could easily become one of the top Christian books everyone loves to read.

In short. ‘Into the Silence’ helps you to find the easiest ways to approach God and get closer with Him. Since it's all about knowing God personally and journaling to god.

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Author of this book Dennis is the senior Pastor Experience Church.tv. He has developed media for internet broadcasts and local television. He is also is an informative and engaging interviewee. You can know more at http://www.intothesilence.org



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