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The Gay-Friendly Source Is Open For Business

The Gay-Friendly Source offers several advantages to its advertisers.
West Hartford, CT, United States (pr4links.com) 07/03/2011
The Gay-Friendly Source is a website that was built to foster community and dialogue between the LGBT community and the world at large. The site was created for the gay community and beyond. The Gay-Friendly Source was designed to be used by all ages, both by those who are gay and by their families, friends, and coworkers, as well as by those who seek to gain greater insight and understanding of gay issues. The Gay-Friendly Source offers news, editorials, and an extensive listing of gay-friendly events nationwide. The site appeals to a wide audience and is an ideal venue for advertisers seeking to reach a broad demographic.

In addition to its creative and in-depth content, The Gay-Friendly Source features an extensive gay-friendly directory that is both local and national in scope. Each listing includes a business’ name, contact information, their photo or logo, and the business’ description or welcoming statement. Advertisers can change and edit their listings at any time. Visitors have the opportunity to post a comment or review about their experiences with the businesses and organizations featured on the site. Importantly, all content is reviewed by the site prior to being posted.

The Gay-Friendly Source is a dynamic, user-friendly site designed to appeal to site visitors and to provide advertisers with an effective venue for reaching prospective customers. As the site’s founder points out, “From the start we knew advertising would play an integral role by providing resources to visitors that are consistent with the site’s philosophy.” Advertising with The Gay-Friendly Source conveys that a business or organization is supportive of the LGBT community and operates in the spirit of being gay-friendly ( http://www.gayfriendlysource.com ).

The Gay-Friendly Source is offering charter advertising rates. In addition to the business and organization directory, the site also offers strategically-placed display advertising. The Gay-Friendly Source encourages non-profits, such as PFLAG and Gay/Straight Alliances, to take advantage of their no charge directory listings. For more information on advertising rates please visit the Gay-Friendly Source Advertising Page.

Contact info:
1245 Farmington Ave, Suite 302
West Hartford, CT 06107-2667
Phone: 860-676-2400
Email: info@gayfriendlysource.com
Web: http://www.gayfriendlysource.com



When asked about the extensive offerings of a new website such as The Gay-Friendly Source, the founder responded, “There is so much out there, so much to offer. We just did not want to leave out anything or anyone. So in every respect, The Gay-Friendly Source is truly ‘all-inclusive.’” Visit The Gay-Friendly Source at http://www.gayfriendlysource.com or contact them at info@gayfriendlysource.com.


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1245 Farmington Ave, Suite 302
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