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Houston's ProDentures recognized for brilliance in oral care and denture solutionsFeatured PR

ProDentures is a premier provider of advanced tooth implant solutions and high quality dental care in Houston Texas.
Houston, Texas, United States (pr4links.com) 06/09/2016
Founded by a leading Texas dentist with a rich history of experience, ProDentures is renowned for offering low cost dentures in Houston TX. By offering comprehensive oral care, Dr. Paul Searby has earned acclaim as a coveted dental friend to Houston-based working class folks and retirees.

Focusing on providing dental implants, extractions, custom-made dentures, and partials; ProDentures is known for good services at great prices. The practice is keen on offering more reasonable and affordable dental implants in Houston. As an alternative to the low cost "denture mills"; this denture clinic is preferred by clients for uniting skilled expertise, respect and care. The practice caters to most dental needs and rarely needs to provide referrals to a specialist.

"I've witnessed a steady progression in Dentistry from a focus on basic, affordable dental care to an almost-obsession to offer only the most high-tech and complicated treatments without regard for the huge cost or the patient's desires. The result of this trend is that the "high-tech dentist recommended" dental care for most working people and retirees is almost always too complicated, too fancy, and way too expensive! In the face of this ever-increasing expense, too many good people are putting off basic dental care and getting sicker by the day. I created ProDentures to fill the void for "reasonable dental options" and to offer you classic and inexpensive alternatives to specialists and dental guru-wannabes", explains Dr. Paul Searby, the founder of ProDentures.

Along with dental implants, the clinic also offers crowns, dental bridges and affordable dentures in Houston TX. Patients can also receive inexpensive tooth extractions, root canals or opt for a routine filling along with teeth cleaning.

By offering an incredible 100% money back, 1-year guarantee on most dentures, ProDentures has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry. High quality dentures are made onsite in their in-house lab. As a result, the common long lead time is reduced to days instead of months and many patients leave the new dentures the same day.

About Pro Dentures:

ProDentures offers good dentures at an affordable price. All the dentures are made in their in-house labs to ensure high quality. They offer a 1-year 100% guarantee on the dentures to ensure a peace of mind to their patients. Visit http://www.prodentures.com for more details.

Name: Paul R. Searby
Address: Pro Dentures, 20320 Northwest Freeway, Suite 200, Houston, TX - 77065
Phone Number: 1-800-776-3368


About Pro Dentures

Dr Paul Searby is founder of ProDentures, a highly customer-driven dental clinic in Houston, Texas. The clinic has an on-site dental lab that fabricates new dentures and provides repairs and relines, often with same-day service. For more details, visit http://www.prodentures.com


Paul R. Searby DDS
Pro Dentures
20320 Northwest Freeway, Suite 200
Zipcode : 77065