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Crown Ambassador Holton Buggs describes Project 50,000

Holton Buggs shows how his focused leadership and proven business successes with proven sales techniques like Project 50,000
Elm Mott, TX, United States (pr4links.com) 03/03/2011
A few months ago, Georgia was #6 or 7 in sales volume, says Holton Buggs. Today, it's #2, right behind Texas! What happened? Holton Buggs answers: Project 50,000, held September 3, 2010, at the Atlanta Convention Center -- the first in a series of 20 special events in selected cities, states or provinces around the world. According to Holton Buggs, Project 50,000 is the latest initiative to come out of OG University and our Diamond leadership team.

From the beginning, says Holton Buggs, our vision at OrGano Gold was to capture 1% of the total coffee market. Holton Buggs explains, “One percent may not sound like much, but by our calculations, 1% translates into $125 million a month in sales.” Holton Buggs asks, “Wouldn't you like to have a piece of that pie with your coffee?” Holton Buggs offers the answer: Project 50,000 was developed to help move us all toward that goal with ever-increasing speed.

In essence, says Holton Buggs, Project 50,000 is a way to focus the leadership's attention on a specific location. Holton Buggs explains that it starts with a major team-building event in the host city -- an exciting celebration filled with rewards, recognition and inspiration. Holton Buggs further details: Out of this comes the excitement, passion and, most of all, commitment to get out there and build a big business, with a lot of help from the Diamonds and other leaders who'll be focusing their own efforts on that market. Georgia's jump from #6 to #2 attests to the impact of this event, clearly states Holton Buggs.

50,000 x 20 x 10 = Mission Accomplished

It's called Project 50,000, says Holton Buggs ( http://www.holtonbuggs.net/ ), because our mission is to increase the number of distributors in that market by 50,000. Fifty thousand new distributors in 20 markets, Holton Buggs calculates, equals a million new distributors! Holton Buggs further explains, “by helping those new distributors to acquire 10 serviceable customers, each buying at least one $15 box of product, we'll quickly reach $150 million in sales a month. BINGO!”

Obviously, says Holton Buggs, this kind of campaign can only benefit your business, but especially if you're in one of the 20 markets. Holton Buggs states, “Your goal then should be to ensure that your city, province or state, wherever you are in the world, is selected for a Project 50,000 event.” Holton Buggs asks, “How do you do that?” And Holton Buggs answers, “By campaigning for it!” Atlanta was first; the second will have been announced by the time you read this. But after that, says Holton Buggs, it's wide open. The rest of the Project 50,000 host locations will be chosen through a competitive process.



But after that, says Holton Buggs, it's wide open. The rest of the Project 50,000 host locations will be chosen through a competitive process.


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