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Beverly Hills Dentist Help Patients Achieve Their Ideal Smile with Dental BridgesFeatured PR

Renowned dentist Dr. Kevin Sands offers dental bridges as an effective restorative dental solution
Beverly HIlls, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 19/02/2014
Beverly HIlls, CA (pr4links) February 19, 2014 - A beautiful, healthy-looking smile is something that almost everyone aspires to have. Dental imperfections, such as missing teeth, can often cause a person to lose their self-confidence. Furthermore, such imperfections can make even simple daily activities, such as speaking and eating, uncomfortable. Fortunately, California-based dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, restores patients' smiles with dental bridges.

Dr. Sands says that dental bridges are an effective tooth-replacement option for patients who are missing one or two teeth. He adds that dental bridges also offer other benefits. Dental bridges can help patients chew their food comfortably, as well as improve a patient's speech. Dental bridges can reduce a patient's risk of gum disease.

Dental bridges are extremely common in cosmetic dentistry. Today, there are three common types of dental bridges available, the resin-bonded bridge, traditional bridge, and the cantilever bridge. According to Dr. Sands, a traditional dental bridge is used to replace one or two missing teeth, and consists of a false tooth with two dental crowns on either side. The dental crowns are either connected to natural surrounding teeth, or to implants around the missing tooth. Dr. Sands says that a traditional dental bridge is the most common bridge, and is usually made of metal or ceramic.

Dr. Sands says a cantilever dental bridge is quite similar to the traditional bridge, except the false tooth will be supported by only one surrounding tooth. A resin-bonded dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth being attached to surrounding teeth from behind. Resin-bonded bridges are usually used for missing front teeth.

Aside from their corrective and aesthetic benefits, Dr. Sands says that dental bridges offer several other advantages for patients. For one, dental bridges are less expensive than dental implants, and the placement of dental bridges is far less invasive than undergoing dental implant surgery. Many patients also elect to receive dental bridges instead of implants, since dental bridges can be placed in as little as two office visits, unlike dental implants, which usually require a greater amount of return office visits. Dr. Sands says that, with proper oral care, dental bridges can last for about 15 years before they need to be replaced.

Dr. Sands offers other cosmetic dental procedures at his dental practice in Beverly Hills, California, including porcelain veneers, Invisalign®, tooth whitening, and dental implants. Dr. Sands provides extensive patient education at the initial consultation for any of these procedures.

Interested parties are encouraged to learn more by calling 310.273.0111, or by visiting http://www.smilesofbeverlyhills.com.

About Dr. Sands

Dr. Kevin Sands is committed to helping his patients achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry.

A premier expert in smile makeovers in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kevin Sands has been featured in a number of magazines as well as on "Dr. 90210" and has trained with some of the world's leading cosmetic dentists.

He completed his education at USC and at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for Advanced Anterior Aesthetic Dentistry.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Sands can be reached directly by phone at 310.273.0111 or visit his website at http://www.smilesofbeverlyhills.com.



The dental offices of Dr. Sands are located at 414 N. Camden Drive, Ste 940, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. To contact the doctor directly please visit www.smilesofbeverlyhills.com or 310-273-0111.


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