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Leading Kansas Urology Hospital Extends latest Provenge Treatment for Advanced Prostate CancerFeatured PR

KCUC is now one of the exclusive providers of the latest Provenge treatment for patients suffering from advanced prostate cancer. The hospital focuses on edgy, minimally invasive diagnosis & treatment by esteemed doctors
Overland Park, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 19/02/2014
Leading Kansas urology care hospital KCUC has announced to extend state of the art Provenge treatment for advanced Prostate Cancer issues. It is the first accredited immunotherapy treatment for those in the final stages of the disease.

"We are glad to announce that KCUC is now one of the exclusive providers of the cutting edge Provenge prostate cancer treatment in Kansas. The treatment counts on the patient's immune system to help in fighting the critical disease", reported a seasoned urology specialist from the hospital.

Clinical studies have proved that Provenge enables the cancer patients to survive longer, at least by 3 years, in comparison to men treated otherwise. "You don't have to worry much about the side-effects as Provenge begets some really mild kicks that won't last beyond 2 days. The side kicks here include common conditions like headache, joint ache, nausea, back pain, fever, fatigue and chills. The best part is that Provenge therapy just takes a month to complete with just 3 infusions."

Speaking further about prostate cancer treatment, the specialist doctor advised baseline PSA level testing along with DRE screening for men pushing 40.

Added to prostate cancer, the hospital takes care of almost every urology conditions like cancer in the bladder, cancer of the kidney, ED, male infertility, BPH, testicular cancer etc.

KCUC has always been at the forefront of Kansas urology care for its constant focus on premium urologic care & edgy minimally invasive painless treatments. They were the pioneers of RapidArc radiation technology in Kansas City. A revolutionary launch in the sector of radiotherapy, the RapidArc technology assures precise and fast cancer treatments. The system renders high-resolution X-ray for better accuracy before treatment.

KCUC also offers the latest Da Vinci Robotic surgery assuring a minimally-invasive take on the critical cancerous situations. The system is designed with latest in robotics and surgical technologies.

"Robotics in surgery enables performing most delicate and complex of procedures with unparallel precision. The process is less scary, less painful than other related surgeries and ensures a quicker return to normal life", explained a chief KCUC surgeon.

"We assure you the best possible urology care thanks to our expert urologists and latest diagnosis-treatment facilities. Our staff here always strives to ensure a safe, relaxing and stress-free environment for all patients. We promise reasonable charges and timely treatment", added in the KCUC media man.

About Kansas City Urology Care- Kansas City Urology Care is one of the leading hospitals in KC that assures high quality diagnosis and state of the art treatments for any urological conditions.

For any further information on Provenge or other urology treatments from KCUC, log on to its official website http://www.kcurology.com



For further information on the RCC treatment from KCUC you have to log on to http://www.kcurology.com/conditions/renal-cell-cancer.html.


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