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Relational Psychology Assists Client’s to lead Meaningful Lives through Folktown CounselingFeatured PR

Folktown Counseling offers relational psychotherapy in the Ballard Seattle to help clients see personal growth and decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.
Seattle, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 17/02/2014
The overall personality of a human being is determined by their Physical, Mental and Spiritual maturity. With improvements in science, physical illness can be solved medically. But for mental and emotional issues medical support may at times suppress emotions. Understanding that fact, Folktown Counseling offers counseling to clients through licensed mental health counselors in Seattle who approach clients in a calm and composed manner to hear their problems and give positive suggestions to relieve anxiety, stress, addiction and other psychological problems.

Citing the importance of relational counseling Karen Kirsch at Folktown states," Psychotherapy is a relationship meant to help you grow as a person and face issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and addiction that may become apparent. We work with clients through ongoing weekly sessions to help them in that process. Our approach is relational psychotherapy which focuses on a client's experience with a counselor to promote personal growth and explore effective solutions to their problems."

Folktown also stresses the importance of community in its work with clients. Sometimes this is exemplified by suggesting that a client add other health care professionals such as a Psychiatrist, Physician or nutritionist to work alongside their counselor for their overall wellbeing, and at other times it may be simply helping clients identify important relationships in their own lives and to help them build community at home.

Speaking to this Robert E. Deeble, the founder of Folktown states "Psychotherapy as a tradition began with Freud in a time frame that was initially focused on individualism but this changed considerably with influences such as Martin Buber and others in theology and philosophy which refocused the role of community on the individual." The end result says Deeble is "relational psychotherapy can give a client a different perspective to view their problems within the context of a shared experience. This may help a client understand himself or herself in new way that alleviates symptoms and promotes personal growth"

About Folktown counseling:

Folktown Counseling offers relational Psychotherapy services in Ballard with experienced and licensed mental health counselors. The intention of their service is to ensure quality mental health to their clients in order to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and anxiety. For further Details visit http://www.folktowncounseling.com



Given Ballard’s Greenwich-Village-like feel and artistic leanings, the name just seemed to fit.” “People often come to see us for a particular concern” says Deeble, “but we hope that that the counseling experience brings about a sense of positive growth, not merely a reduction in negative symptoms. That’s what interpersonal approach at the heart of relational psychology is intended to achieve.”


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