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Herbal-H Improves Hair Loss Treatment

Company from Canada launches an improved version of a unique hair loss treatment – promises results in just 15 days.
Kirkland, Quebec, Canada (pr4links.com) 18/02/2011
There’s real reason to rejoice for all those millions of men from all over the world who are facing the problem of receding hair line. Herbal-H has just released a new and upgraded hair growth formula that promises to re-grow the lost hair in just 15 days. According to company sources, this new formulation is guaranteed to work on all hair types. The success rate of this new hair loss treatment is an astounding 95%. It has even been clinically proved.

Hair loss is quite a common problem, and though it could happen to anyone, but the fact is, mostly men are affected by it. Usually hair loss is related to advanced age, but these days we find that plenty of males even in their early twenties are losing hair very fast, and many of them even going completely bald in just a few years. Though there is of course no major health issue related to hair loss, but it could still cause serious problems. When a man loses hair rapidly, he usually looks older than he really is, and it can reduce the confidence and self-esteem too to a great extent. Some men have been known to get into a shell with their social life seriously compromised.

Yes, there are quite a few answers today to hair loss in the form of hair weaving and implantation. But there doesn’t seem to be a hair loss treatment that really works to bring back the lost hair. Human hair grows back naturally in most people, but once it is gone, hair growth does not happen anymore. Men have faced this problem for a really long time now.

But the 100% natural Herbal-H promises to solve this problem. And now that the company has re-launched the improved version of Herbal-H, it seems that there’s finally a new hope. The new hair growth technology of Herbal-H is the result of extensive research and testing that was carried out at the company’s laboratory since 2006. This new formula activates hair from the mother cell vitality so that hair follicles start to regain function slowly. Herbal-H uses the penetrating peel technology, and is a 100% safe and non-toxic formula.

There’s even better news coming out from the company. Herbal-H has just announced that they will be releasing a new and upgraded formula that will contain 3% Minoxidil in March 2011. This new hair loss treatment will be even more effective, but will come at the same cost. It could very well be the safest and the most effective hair growth solution to hit the market ever. So it definitely seems like, men who have had to worry about losing their hair, can finally stop all their worries.

About Herbal-H: Herbal-H is made from all-natural ingredients under highly-effective bio-engineering. The main ingredients found in Herbal-H are extracts of Maima, Ginseng, Angelica and Polygonum Multiflorum. It is completely safe and has been clinically proven to work in 95% of all males. An even more improved version of Herbal-H will be launched soon as well. Please visit www.herbal-h.com to learn more about this unique hair loss treatment.


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