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Leading LA Clinical Psychologist Ensures Addiction-Free Life through Moderation ManagementFeatured PR

Dr. Marc Kern, a leading LA addiction specialist promises an addiction-free and better life through self control and moderation management
Beverly Hills, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 02/12/2013
For the Los Angeles folks looking for ways to stop drinking or get relieved from similar addictions, the leading LA clinical psychologist, Dr. Marc Kern has ensured an addiction free living through moderation management. The doctor assured a better life without depending on regular alcoholic treatment programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dr. Kern is a renowned addiction specialist who is backed by more than 3 decades of professional experience in addiction treatment and clinical psychology. He has successfully treated several patients in the past suffering from varied self-sabotaging issues like street drugs, alcoholism, gambling, smoking etc.

As per the reports, the doctor himself was badly into drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and took the regular AA 12-step programs which failed to resolve his addiction issues. Thus, he created his own approach of self control & moderation management that helped him come out of his bad habits effectively. Dr. Kern's approach was later termed the Habit Doc approach.

"I have blended state-of-the-art techniques with best of comprehensively researched powerful strategies to come up with efficient addiction treatments that would be effective alternatives to AA. I myself used these modern strategies to resolve my own addiction problems when AA failed to work out. Here you don't need to maintain a complete abstinence from drinking - don't worry you would be powered with adequate self-control to refrain yourself from addiction", said Dr. Kern,

"The moderation management approach followed here would help the patients to come out of their bad tendencies by setting some attainable goals which they would incrementally achieve over time."

Each of the clients is treated with a customized approach considering the respective conditions of the patients. The patients can also take the counseling over phone or online.

While speaking about the effectiveness of the sessions, Kern's media personnel assured, "A single session is often enough to induce the habit of craving control in the patient. We promise you a very balanced & harmonious life within a brief timeline". For more info, visit http://habitdoc.com/



Habit Doc provides people the soothing and safe assistance to overcome drug and other addictions with the help of Dr. Marc F. Kern. A nationally recognized expert, Dr. Kern, is known for his compassion, humor and deep personal understanding of the addictive process. For further details, visit http://habitdoc.com/


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