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Effective Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy ReviewFeatured PR

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Review offers SottoPelleĀ® hormone therapy which was founded by Dr. Gino Tutera, using pellets for both men and women.
Overland Park, Kansas, United States (pr4links.com) 04/11/2015
Menopause is when a woman's menstrual period stops permanently. This can be a tough phase for women. Research shows that menopausal symptoms such as sleep problems, hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue can affect mood and well-being. During menopause, 1 out of 10 women feeling clinically depressed and 9 out of 10 women experience hot flashes.

Some doctors are noticing that men are reporting some of the same symptoms that women experience in menopause and have termed it as 'andropause'.

Founded by James Mirabile, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Review is a one-stop shop for beauty, health and wellness. SottoPelle® Bio-Identical hormone therapy is the perfect solution for menopause related problems. "Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Kansas City in pellet form has been positively researched and accepted as an effective delivery system available for men and women suffering from the side effects of menopause or andropause," says Dr. Mirabile.

Each hormone pellet is slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild, local anesthetic is used and the procedure is very quick. Once the pellet is inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream whenever your body needs it.

When the body is in need of estrogen or testosterone, these tiny implants placed under the skin consistently release small physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. For decades, these positive research studies have been reported in respected medical journals around the world.

"Don't let the words hormone replacement in Kansas City scare you. This is about the hormones estrogen and testosterone that are 100 percent identical to those created by the human body. They are made from botanicals, but compounded to precisely match the molecular structure of human hormone for hormone replacement therapy," added Dr. Mirabile.

Some of the benefits of pellet therapy and SottoPelle are that - it raises levels when more hormones are needed and decreases levels when requiring less, releases hormones directly into the bloodstream and are proven to be safe and the most effective.

"After SottoPelle hormone therapy, now I am saying yes to grandbaby visits, hiking, dog walks and time with family and friends. Yes to adventure. Yes to life. It's not over and there are great years ahead, "commented a satisfied patient.

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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Review is a one-stop shop for beauty, health and wellness in Kansas City. They are specialized in hormone therapy using pellets. To know more, visit http://www.mirabilemd.com/


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