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“Hepatitis C, CURED” Authored by Johnny Delirious is Now a Bestseller

Johnny Delirious, a Hepatitis C Survivor gives Hep. C sufferers hope with his book “Hepatitis C, CURED” which is now a Barnes and Noble bestselling book.
Italy, Texas, United States (pr4links.com) 09/02/2011
Johnny’s ‘Hepatitis C, CURED’ is a new hope for the 190 million people suffering from Hepatitis in the world and it clearly gives the message that they do not have to die from a so called life-threatening disease.

‘Hepatitis C, CURED’ describes Johnny’s tough yet accomplishing journey. He refused Doctors advice to transplant his liver - as according to him, it is not a natural solution for the infectious disease. So, he decided to keep his own liver. Even after 17 years, Johnny has no antibodies or viral load.

Author says "I am the only TRUE, Hepatitis A, B and C recovery pioneer with no antibodies or viral load for over 17 years. Natural recovery from Hepatitis C is a CHOICE not a myth, if I can recover from Hepatitis C, then anyone can."

“My book is positive; it has my experience of strength and hope for life. Most people with Hepatitis C hear only negative aspects of death and despair. My book gives real life experience of hope and recovery” he adds further.

The book is available in 5 languages to reach out all the Hepatitis sufferers in different parts of the world. Delirious shows how to live a healthy life with organic and natural practices as compared to the conventional lifestyle.

Kerrville, a reader and fan says, “I honestly believe that this little book is the first hope I have received since my diagnosis of hep c 15 years ago. I have already started the protocol which has lifted my spirits greatly. You are brave and compassionate to publish such an extremely cutting edge book for all of us out here feeling helpless with this disease - Thank you!”

The bestselling book ‘Hepatitis C, CURED’ is currently available at www.barnesandnoble.com and other outlets.

For more information about Johnny or for book signing, scheduling an appearance or to discuss a daily/weekly column, please visit - www.hepatitisccured.com

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Johnny Delirious uses raw prudence to face insidious and diabolical problems that have plagued his life as well as many other lives among us. As a tenacious and intelligent optimist; wanting to persevere in the negative environment of our world; he transforms into a positive deviant to survive. Therefore, he may choose to deviate from the norm and stand separate from convention in order to live a happy and natural life. Through his Quadrilogy of partial biographies that show many different chall


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