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Premier Fresno Solar Company Launches 10 Year Solar Lease in CaliforniaFeatured PR

Nova West Solar, the leading Fresno solar power company introduces new 10 years solar lease in California on high quality solar power equipments. The lease program is different from other regular solar leases around
Fresno, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 08/07/2013
Solar lease seems to be the rising trend for homeowners planning for cost effective solar homes. Good news for the Californians looking for solar panel leasing - Nova West Solar, has announced to introduce 10 year solar lease program for the California homeowners. The premier Fresno solar power firm has achieved the exclusive solar power leasing rights from Solar Leasing of California.

Nova West Solar is a distinguished name in the California solar power sector working with over 47 years of comprehensive industry experience. The company has been helping out with premium standard solar equipments. Speaking about the solar lease vs purchase Fresno aspects, the spokesperson highlighted on several benefits achieved from leasing than buying. "Solar lease California will save you from upfront fees, home equity and equipment maintenance which are not achieved with solar panel buying. Besides, you will inverter replacement services and all these at really low payments, enabling huge savings for you", he said.

Their 10 Year solar power lease program is unique and top rated from other regular solar power lease programs in the market. As per the reports, the regular solar leases cannot supply the consumers with high quality solar equipments. But Nova West Solar has always been supplying German manufactured highly efficient solar equipments with their solar leases.

"When it comes to our solar leasing, you are assured of several fantastic perks. Our consumers would have the liberty to offset all the regular energy bills and realize lesser payments than they are currently paying for their utility company. Moreover, you will get certified contractors (with C-39 roofing & other contractor licenses) for installation of solar power in your home. We will support our consumers with all service inspection works, warranty & inverter replacement. No equity would be required", said the company manager.

Added to it he mentioned that the company allows the lease clients to buy-out their lease in 10 years for complete ownership.

For any further information, visit http://www.novawestsolar.com/



The media person informed of conducting quality control on their projects and stressed on supporting the clients with explanation regarding operation & maintenance of the solar panels. For further information on the services of the Fresno solar power company, visit http://www.novawestsolar.com.


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