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A brief story and tips about Synthetic ice engineered and XTRAICE® Sport Technology.
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Ice hockey and figure ice skating are very demanding sports. So far synthetic ice products have improved in their gliding ability, but most still fail in responding like ice, that is, the way how the ice responds to certain moves like a hockey stop etc is not accordingly to ice.

XTRAICE® has now engineered a product called XTRAICE® Sport Technology: It combines 2 technologies developed for demanding athletes: XTRAICE Max Gliding Technology and XTRAICE® Ice Identical Response Technology.

This ensures that XTRAICE® Sport surface responds identical to conventional ice and has the lowest friction coefficient of its industry which results in realistic skating and lowest blade wastage.

Moreover, high molecular density of the material ensures an unprecedented durability which allows skaters heavy duty practice for years. That’s why XTRAICE® provides the exceptional guarantee of 12 years on its XTRAICE® Sport Technology.

Many experts and athletes have successful tested and acquired XTRAICE, among others Lance Wolgemuth, Ex Hockey Pro Player and VP of the state of the art skating treadmill Endlessice, has stated the following on XTRAICE Sport Technology: "XTRAICE is the only product that performs exceptional in all facets of replicating real ice conditions"

XTRAICE® builds Hockey ice rinks up to Olympic size. However, very popular are small training rinks called XTRAICE Training Pro rinks 430 sqft (42m2) for goalie training as well as 1000 sqft (98 m2) rinks for shooting, 3 x 3 training.

Founded in 2003, XTRAICE® is a global company that develops, builds and installs ecological ice rinks which have revolutionized the world of sports and leisure facilities, becoming a leader internationally. Its latest business milestones have included the installation of a rinks for Disney in Disneyland Paris and several training rinks for the Florida Panthers, NHL professional team and other Elite Hockey Centers in North America. Currently, over 150 XTRAICE® rinks are located in 36 countries, among them Japan, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, Germany, Sweden, France or Italy.

To learn more, visit www.xtraice.com


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C/Extremadura,Nave 2-41909 Buzón 30
Zipcode : 41909
34 955 110 357
34 954 711 005