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Poll: Jonathan Could Beat Atiku in 2011 PDP Presidential Primaries

Mr Peter Eledan, pointed out that Jonathan could beat Atiku based on the recent Poll of PDP party delegates, Nigerian Youths and Nigerians Diaspora across the globe.
London, UK, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 26/11/2010
As Dr Jonathan continues to face severe opposition from some selected Northern elite, due to the issue of Zoning and Tribal sentiments, the issue of a PDP presidential primary nominee in 2011 has heated up with the emergence of a consensus candidate from the Northern part of Nigeria. Just as former President Olusegun Obasanjo faced a challenge from Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, there's a real risk that Dr Jonathan is facing the same man in the next PDP Presidential Primaries coming up in January 2011.

Atiku, who is very popular among the Northern and South Western elite, will have to work hard to win overall delegate vote in the next PDP Primaries election ( http://www.goodluckjonathanfor2011.com ). There is about two months until the first votes are cast in the PDP primaries for the 2011 Presidential election. Two months is a very long time in politics. Anything can happen in two months in election campaigns. However, at this point in the process, Jonathan has a commanding lead in the latest polls and looks like he is about to make the actual Primaries his personal coronation for the PDP nomination.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan ( http://www.goodluckjonathanfor2011.com ) still has resources, however, you can never underestimate a candidate that has the backing of the most powerful men in the country, Atiku has loads of money to throw around for the Party delegates. He has a huge campaign fund to use as he solely believes this primaries election is about money, but the Nigerian public is tired of the same old politics in Aso Rock. For these reasons, the next Primaries is not all about money but it is also about addressing the pressing issues affecting the lives of ordinary Nigerians. It is about a candidate with good credentials, laudable and executable programmes that can appeal to not only a few but to all Nigerians at home and abroad.

Atiku fatigue. The country has had eight straight years of Atiku, the number two citizen between 1999 and 2007 in government and Nigerians are beginning to see fatigue with the same old style of politics; talking and not delivering the promised goods; party delegates and the voters are taking the next election very serious and that is why majority are turning to Dr Goodluck Jonathan to liberate them from the menace of corruption, bad democratic process, social injustice and socio- economic deficiencies that have plagued the country for so long. The party delegates want a clean break from the Politics of the past (Man – Know – Man) and they plan to elect Dr Goodluck Jonathan to define a new era in the history of good governance in our great nation.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan has run a very well managed campaign to-date. He has presented himself as an able campaigner and an experienced politician. His increased standing in every major public opinion poll at home and abroad reflects his campaign's competence. Polls can be unstable and can radically change before the votings in the Presidential Primaries come January 2011. However, in spite of the instability of the polls and the political challenges to come, the current view that Atiku will defeat Dr Jonathan in the next coming PDP Presidential Primaries becomes a real joke because with a few months to go Dr Goodluck keeps waxing stronger and more popular among Party delegates and voters.

According to Mr Peter Eledan, Chairman, Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team, who is also the Vice-Chairman of Nigerian In Diaspora Organisation UK Chapter (NIDOE) he stressed during a telephone conversation with the Pressmen today; that “Nigeria needs a new man with a new vision, not an old man with the politics of the past”. It is just like a new wine that cannot be poured in an old wine skin, if you do, the skin will be destroyed and so will the wine too in equal measure” Nigeria is the new wine and she needs a new wine skin in the person of President Goodluck Jonathan. Any attempt to put her back into the coffers of the old cabal will destroy her. That is why Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora are taking the next election very serious”

While I was heartened to hear Atiku acknowledge the need for immediate actions to jumpstart our economy, it will take more rhetoric to fix our economic crisis and rebuild our economy for the future. Nigerians need a man that is credible to do that and the Polls taken among the Nigerian Youth indicated Atiku is not qualified to fix it going by his past Public Service record.

In our Internet poll, conducted by GJGCT Research and Development Team, Jonathan was the overwhelming choice to take on and beat Atiku in the PDP Primaries election when compared to the achievement he has brought to the party.

He did very well among PDP delegates, the Youth, those aged 18-35, the Poor, families with children, minorities, and the unemployed.

Mr Peter Eledan, further pointed out that based on the recent Poll taken, the achievement and popularity of Dr Jonathan among Nigerians shows that there is no doubt that he is the candidate to beat because he is a man of destiny. Although, the PDP presidential primaries election is not going to be easy, but Nigerians at home and abroad believe that Dr Jonathan will clinch the party ticket. His victory will restore hope and renew the lost confidence of Nigerians in their Leaders.

Closing Remark
Peter Eledan, MSc, MBA - Chairman, Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT).

Adebayo Oladuntoye, MBA – Contributing Editor GJGCT.

The website, http://www.goodluckjonathanfor2011.com, provides news and updates on Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign activities, information about his vision for Nigeria’s development, news on Nigerian Politics and lots more.



The Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign team’s use of social media and other digital tools is an indication of how President Goodluck Jonathan’s next administration will operate. With online campaigning, Peter says, Jonathan's use of technology to connect with Nigerian electorate is "very unique,” What you get is a perfect matching of philosophy, messaging and technology.


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