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Miami Heat Burnt Out Against Jazz as TicketLuck.com questions: Relaxed Defense or ‘Chippy’ Opponents

As ESPN.com reported on Thursday, Miami Heat lost the match against Utah Jazz 114-116. It was a dismal performance with Heat’s defensive lacking energy to capitalize on their first-half lead. The team’s toughness is inconsistent, as Haslem and Coach Spoelstra look into team’s past performances.
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NBA.com reports that Miami Heat lost to Utah Jazz this Tuesday despite having a 22-point lead in the beginning of the third quarter. The team was stunned into an overtime loss on their home ground. Their defense seemed to lose steam towards the end as Millsap of Utah Jazz scored a career best of 46 points. However, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, explained the loss by saying "It's not about Millsap's threes and it's not about execution at the end. We had every opportunity to take control of that game and we just weren't able to do it.”
One of the top teams in the NBA, Miami Heat’s performance currently remains a mediocre 5-3. This is the second time within a short period that Miami Heat were not able to solidify their lead and stumbled and crashed after suffering a momentary blow from the opposition. Coach Spoelstra seems worried about the team’s defense.
Miami Heat is losing to those teams who have all-star point guards: Rajon Rondo of Boston Celtics, Chris Pauls of New Orleans Hornets, and Deron Williams of Utah Jazz. The Heat guard, Dwyane Wade, who scored 39 points in the game, had a similar view as he told USAToday.com that "Coming off (the Jazz loss) … you have to be more aware of what we have to do as a team defensively."
There’s another perspective to the losses. According to ESPN.com, LeBron James said "Teams are being a little chippy with us." Utah’s Prices’ flagrant foul against James Jones attest to the statement. Haslem, the Heat’s emotional leader, is worried about the issue of toughness as he says “Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't." The inconsistency seems to be displeasing the fans as they lay the blame, according to the comments made on USAToday.com, on the ‘ego-tripping’ of the players. How will this effect the Miami Heat Orlando tickets (http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Heat/Miami-Heat-Orlando-FL/index.php) remains to be seen. Things may change for the better by the time Miami Heat New York tickets (http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Heat/Miami-Heat-New-York-NY/index.php) and Miami Heat Washington tickets (http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Heat/Miami-Heat-Washington-DC/index.php) are put to use. Scott Briggs from TicketLuck.com (http://www.ticketluck.com/) explained the situation by saying “As the team performance falls, so do the ticket prices”.
About Miami Heat
Miami Heat is a member of the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is based in Miami, Florida, United States. They have won the NBA championship once, in 2006. They have won 7 divisional titles and are ranked 12th in NBA according to Forbes.


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