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Author Provides Valuable Advice to Help Couples Facing Marriage or Divorce in Tough Economic Climate

Divorce Statistics and Economic Climate Hard On Marriages: “Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce” is a Practical Guide to Covering Your Assets … Upon Marriage or Divorce
Phoenix, AZ, United States (pr4links.com) 11/11/2010
The pursuit of love and happiness appears harder to obtain in difficult times. High divorce rates haunt the potential outcomes of “happily-ever-after” for people considering marriage, which only yields a 50% chance of success. Prospective marriage mates and united couples, alike, face the same economic challenges: potential job losses, foreclosure rates and societal pressures of becoming another statistic, on many fronts. So where is the optimistic light at the end of the tunnel? Author Charles Jackson had a “light go off” during his second divorce, which compelled him to write a book that offers valuable solutions and sound advice for couples facing marriage and divorce, especially during harder times, in his first book, Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce, available now.

Jackson’s first divorce was hard enough, both emotionally and financially. But the second time around, he decided to do his due diligence and write a comprehensive guide about the marriage and divorce process to help others plan ahead, using foresight to their advantage, rather than relying on the aftermath of hindsight and personal loss.

“I take love, marriage and commitment very seriously and I never expected either of my marriages to end,” Jackson explained. “But the truth is that marriage is a contract, and it can get very complicated, so it is best to “cover your assets” and protect what is yours, before entering or ending it,” Jackson said. Jackson feels the book is a valuable asset in and of itself, because it provides a great deal of resourceful information for individuals to get educated and represent his/her own best interests in the worst-case-scenario. In fact, Jackson proclaims, it may even help marriages survive.

The first section of the book covers a lot of material for couples to consider, before getting married, such as:

Chapter One: Preparation and Understanding
Contract with the State
Prenuptial Agreements
Living Trusts

Chapter Two: Identification of Personal Belongings
Hobbies, Collectibles, and Other Interests
Community Assets/Income
Common Law
Self-employment relating to Community Income
Efforts of Community in Sole and Separate Assets
Individual Debts
Credit Scores

The second section of the book covers various issues to consider before divorce, such as:

Chapter Four: Legal Issues
Selection of an Attorney
Review of State Laws, Case Laws
Division of Assets
Assets Acquired during the Marriage
Single vs. Dual Wage Earners (Spousal Support)
Child Support

Chapter Five: Personal Issues
Rebuilding Your Home/Quality Time with Kids
Dating, All Over Again
Impact on Friends, Neighbors, Family

Chapter Six: Reasons to Stay Married

The third section of the book covers the actual divorce process, including pre-trial, attorneys, trials and hearings, mediation, spousal and child support, post-trials and the appeal process.

Chapter Seven: Pretrial Activities
Filing the Papers
To Retain or Not Retain an Attorney, That’s the Question
Judge Selection
The Process of Constantly Paying Your Attorney
Self-Employed vs. Employee
Check-writing Privileges
Discovery Process

Chapter Eight: Trial and Hearings
Emergency Spousal Support
Spousal Support
Child Support
Education/Visitation of Children
The True Value of Your CPA
Mediation through the Court
Final Hearing/Burden of Proof

Chapter Nine: Post-trial
Motion for New Trial
Appeal Process
Post Decree and Beyond

Chapter Ten: Final Thoughts on Divorce

Jackson admittedly holds no degrees in counseling or psychology, nor is he an attorney or CPA, but he knows the emotional and financial damage caused by divorce. His intention and reason for writing Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce was to help others gain knowledge about the legal and contractual processes involving marriage and divorce, and to offer preventative measures for couples considering marriage or divorce.

“Ask yourself, what have you got to lose?” Jackson questioned “When you consider investment in the book versus the legal alternatives, the cost-savings are substantial,” he exclaimed.

Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce is available is online:
The book retails at $49.95 but you can purchase a signed copy directly from the author for only $35 by visiting http://www.secondthoughtsonmarriage.com or http://www.secondthoughtsondivorce.com

You can also visit www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.comfor discount pricing as well.



Charles Jackson hopes to help people plunging into marital bliss to equip themselves and be prepared for the worse. It is wise to be practical when it comes to situations as divorce settlements and prenup agreements. The book prepares you and helps you consider things that ought to be settled before marriage and before divorce. He gives an overview of the actual divorce process and strategies to help you achieve your goals. For more information visit: http://secondthoughtsondivorce.com


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