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Desired Funeral Etiquette On The Last Journey

The following press release is on Academy Funeral services. The write up discusses the kind of services they provide along with the value added services.
Auburn, NSW, Australia (pr4links.com) 22/08/2011
Academy Funeral Services: One cannot decide the celebration during their birth, but can plan how they going to make the last journey of death. We at Academy Funeral Services try our best to provide a serene funeral service on the journey to heaven. We provide a wide range of services for people from all walks of life. We specialise in Australian, Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, Korean and Christian funeral services. In each of our service we pay extra attention to the religion and culture of the person and respect the family emotions, and work according to their specification. Our work is well compartmentalised to make sure we don’t hurt the sentiment of any particular religion. We observe individual funeral etiquette according to the religion of the dead.

We at Academy Funeral Services offer both pre paid and pre arranged funeral services. We offer a low cost funeral service. We even offer funeral services for babies and children. We are an independent funeral service provider. It is an Australian owned organisation that has caring and efficient staffs, where everyone has a very professional attitude towards work. Our service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can simply call us at (02) 9688 – 7977, and brief us on the service of your preference. On the last journey of your loved one, to ensure that they rest in peace, our staffs’ works in close association with you to assist you with all the arrangements of the funeral of your loved one. We try through our services to provide a perfect memorial service for your loved one. We are very carefully about the funeral etiquettes and nurse the early memories of the departed soul, to make people relieve the time they have spent with their loved one.

In our funeral service we try to meet the personal needs of the grieving family, by taking care of all the minute details in the funeral preparation, and making the last goodbye ever a special and memorable one for both the departed and the family. We also provide certain value added services in association with Michelle’s heavenly Creations, like Memorial books, Memorial cards, Memorial candles, etc. For further information

Academy Funeral Services
Phone: +61 2 9688 7977
Mobile : +61 408 647 418
Address: 37 A Queen St, Auburn NSW
Baulkham Hills
NSW 1755, Australia
Email: info@academyfuneralservices.com.au
Website: http://www.academyfuneralservices.com.au/


Academy Funeral Services offers different Funeral Services which includes Home Funerals, Hindu Funerals, Catholic Funerals, Christian Funerals in Sydney, Australia. Also provides Korean Funerals and Orthodox Funerals.


John Kregg

37 A Queen St, Auburn NSW Baulkham Hills
Zipcode : 01755