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New RAININ LiteTouch Microcentriguge Tube Reduces Contamination Risk, Increases Speed

Adding to an extensive array of products that help life scientists reach research goals with greater ease, RAININ presents the easy-open Lite Touch microcentrifuge tube. This latest entry in RAININ’s line of ergonomic lab tools features a unique one-handed open-and-close. Ideal for academic, government, clinical and biotech genomics and proteomics research, LiteTouch tubes speed experiment workflows while reducing sample cross-contamination risk.
Greifensee, zurich, Switzerland (pr4links.com) 20/08/2011
RAININ, a METTLER TOLEDO company, is pleased to announce the arrival of LiteTouch microcentrifuge tubes. Starting July 2010, LiteTouch tubes will help life scientists in a broad variety of research settings work faster while simultaneously reducing the risk of sample cross-contamination.

The RAININ LiteTouch microcentrifuge tube's ideal blend of increased speed and contamination-free results benefit researchers in the rapidly evolving disciplines of genomics and proteomics in particular, noted Leonard Pulig, General Manager, RAININ Instruments, LLC, part of METTLER TOLEDO's lab division. "RAININ is happy to offer LiteTouch tubes as part of our growing range of products that enable life science researchers to reach their goals more efficiently, whether they are working in academia, or in government, clinical, pharma or biotech labs," he added.

The Lite Touch tube's revolutionary design allows it to be held, opened and closed with one hand using an extended hinge projection. With the same hand that holds the tube, a researcher simply applies a slight downward thumb pressure to the extension to open the lid. Sample or reagent can then be pipetted into the tube using the opposing hand. Finally, an upward thumb flip closes the LiteTouch tube. Researches can also use the same simple motions to manipulate the easy-open seal while the Lite Touch tubes rest in a standard tube rack.

Not only does this one-handed, easy-open motion allow a researcher to quickly prepare one tube and move to the next; using one hand also makes it almost impossible for the interior of the lid or tube to come in contact with lab gloves. This lowers accidental crosscontamination risk, significantly improving accuracy and helping to ensure the repeatability of results so necessary in today’s competitive research marketplace.

Further ensuring the easy-open tube produces contamination-free results, LiteTouch tubes are manufactured in clean-room conditions from high-quality virgin polypropylene. The RNase- and DNase-free microdentrifuge tubes are autoclavable at 121 degrees C and can be stored at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees C without danger of compromising the tube seal’s integrity. High thermal and chemical resistivity helps protect samples and further ensures high-quality, repeatable outcomes.

RAININ LiteTouch tubes have with a maximum volume of 1.5 ml. Exhibiting graduated lines for every 0.5 ml of volume, LiteTouch tubes are available in sterile and non-sterile clear as well as non-sterile red, blue, yellow, and green to assist in sample codification. Frosted side and lid writing surfaces further improve sample tracking. Lids can be pierced for use with automated sampling devices or needle syringes.

LiteTouch microcentrifuge tubes fit all standard racks and centrifuges and can withstand up to 20,000 x g centrifugation.

Presently, RAININ offers LiteTouch tubes in units of 500, 2500 and 10,000 - in bags containing 500 of the easy-open tubes.

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