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Jungle Torch Provides Complete Website Link Report.

While navigating around the Internet, you use links every time you click to view something different.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, India (pr4links.com) 22/07/2011
While navigating around the Internet, you use links every time you click to view something different. You don’t put much thought into it; you click on a link and expect to be directed to the next page with simply one click. Links make the Internet users life easy, but when these links aren’t working like they’re supposed to, it becomes annoying and troublesome. A website link report helps businesses keep track of all the links related to their website in order to keep them working successfully.

Jungle Torch (www.jungletorch.com) provides a great web link report that can help your business keep track of all the links to and from your website. Think of all the different links just one website page can have. Keeping track of all them would be exhausting without a website link report. Jungle Torch aggregates all of the links and puts them into one simple dashboard.

Jungle Torch’s web link report is split up into 3 sections: outbound links, inbound links, and bad links. The outbound links section shows what links are on your website and what they are linking too. The inbound links part of the website link report shows what pages are linking to you and also the Google Page Rank of these pages. A unique part of the inbound links section shows what sites have newly linked to you in the last week, and also which links to you have been dropped in the last week. The bad links section of the web link report shows which links are coming up with a dead end.

To make sure that your company stays on top of its links and keeps them working efficiently, Jungle Torch’s website link report is a great feature to add to your business.

About Jungle Torch
Jungle Torch is an advanced SEO report and social media tool that gives unprecedented insight into a company’s SEO and Social media. Purpose-built by some of the pioneers of online search engine technology, Jungle Torch consolidates diverse online marketing analytics into a powerful SEO report platform. Using a best-in-class sentiment engine, Jungle Torch provides an easy-to-understand, single view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user’s organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively, negatively or neutral. In addition to tracking social media, Jungle Torch also gives users the ability to measure the success of SEO report programs by offering an SEO report that includes the rank of a user’s Website based on hundreds of keywords and phrases, Jungle Torch issues a comprehensive SEO report on the SEO friendliness of a Website, inbound and outbound linking, and 15 other critical SEO metrics. It also measures competitive SEO, inbound and outbound linking with a website link report. Jungle Torch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit us on the Web at www.jungletorch.com.


The JungleTorch SEO and Social Media Dashboard gives unprecedented insight into a broad range of critical Web-based outlets.


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