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Offering best golf courses and clubhouse golf - Halfpenny golf driving range

"Being one of the most visited golf courses of UK, Halfpenny Green golf driving range now offers automated teeing system for facilitating all the members. We have been credited for our incredible services and facilities we provide for the golfers visiting our clubhouse golf range."
Swindon, Dudley, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 22/07/2011
DUDLEY, SWINDON, UK, JULY-22, 2011---Halfpenny Green golf driving range offers one of the best golf courses of UK. We offer large clubhouse golf area with a built in bar to facilitate you full enjoyment. Owned, run and operated by Mr Chatha, our clubhouse golf range provides you best facilities for enjoying day out with family and friends. Previously owned by the Earl of Dudley and provides fantastic views of the Staffordshire hills and on clear days the Clee and Wrikin hills in Shropshire. Halfpenny Green is simply the best destination to enjoy outing with friends and family on weekends and holidays.

We have recently updated our golf driving range with an automated teeing system. This system enables the players to load the balls into a specially designed mat and the balls automatically appear from the ground after every shot. You need not to bend time and time again to replace a new ball. The best thing about the new system is the price you pay to use it. Most golf courses owners increase the price of balls up to £1, but here at Halfpenny Green clubhouse golf area you do not pay a single penny extra to use the new machines. All members still receive their extra discount too.

Based at Dudley town of West Midlands, UK, Halfpenny Green golf driving range provides you with all the facilities required to make a perfect day out for you with your family or friends. The clubhouse golf range area offer you a spacious room that can accommodate upto 200 guests at a time. Along with providing you training about playing golf, we also organise several events where you get a chance to test your proficiency in the game. Most recently, we are going to organise an event named Power Play Golf in which you can take part every Wednesday evening from 6pm.

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Opened in September 2002 Halfpenny Green golf driving range offers one of the best golf courses with nine holes. Our clubhouse golf area includes a bar inside to offer you ease for enjoying with friends and family. Along with providing you best golf courses and golf driving range, we also provide you trainers so that you can improve your golf playing skills.

For membership and any other queries, feel free to call: 01902 326682 or mail us at: info@halfpennygreen.com or visit: http://www.halfpennygreengolf.com

Kartar Fm New Rd,
Swindon, Dudley
Phone: 01902 326682
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HalfPenny Green Golf Range


HalfPenny Green Golf Range

Kartar Fm New Rd
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01902 326682
01902 326682

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