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Liverpool Fc Fans Fight Back Against Poor Team Selections

Website allows fans to choose their players for Liverpool FC and the other clubs.
St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 21/07/2011
Liverpool FC, known popularly as “The Reds,” has been one of the most successful football clubs in the Premier League ever. This 119-year-old club has won several Premier League, League Cup, and UEFA titles. Game attendance and the television viewership numbers are high. There is a lot of money with the management to attract good talent. If the club fails to hire good football talent and cannot finish games on the winning side, it is only natural that there will be a lot of criticism from the supporters and experts. This is precisely what is happening now. The football fans are now protesting and telling the management about the poor team selections. The choices made are showing on the poor records. For instance, in the 2010--2011 season, the club is ranked sixth, which is simply not acceptable to a lot of fans.

The Manager, Kenny Dalglish, has faced a lot of criticisms over the poor team selections made. It seems that Liverpool FC does not have any depth or quality in the squad. A number of players have been brought in from other countries. For instance, Alexander Doni has been signed from Roma, Luis Suárez has arrived from Ajax, and Maxi Rodríguez has come from Atlético Madrid. But, the fans are saying that international transfers never work in the short-term, because the foreign recruits take some time to settle down to the rigors of Premier League. They are saying that the club needs to win some games immediately and win back the confidence of the supporters. They have a point here because “The Reds” certainly need to do better quickly.

The fans are also not happy with the way the team is spending its money. They are saying that the money spent on Andy Carroll is certainly much more than what it should be. Yes, Andy might have talent, but it will still take a lot of time before this young striker can give good results. They are even saying the valuation of Andy is ridiculously high. The money could have been better spent. He is at best a raw talent at this time. Moreover, Liverpool FC does not have any quality winger in the squad who can provide the long balls to Andy so that he can score off by taking advantage of his height.

The fans are also not happy with the sum of £20m that has been offered to Stewart Downing of Aston Villa. This should have been much lower – they feel. Some fans of Liverpool FC do not agree with this view. They are pointing out the fact that Downing has the highest number of completed crosses in the past three years, and should therefore be a good acquisition.

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Website allows fans to choose their players for Liverpool FC and the other clubs.


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