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The Latest Trends in Modern Furniture

Buyers of modern furniture still enjoy simplicity and innovative style in their design choices, but trends show they are looking for greater versatility and variety, more “green” natural products, and are focusing on family, entertainment, and the comforts of home
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (pr4links.com) 18/05/2011
The most popular designs in modern furniture today tend to be minimalistic while still functional and durable, made from more natural materials with clean crisp lines. Consumers at the same time desire their home furnishings to be sophisticated and unique, able to make them feel relaxed and at home after a long hectic day at the office, while being inviting to guests and creating more space with less waste.

In fact, space is a major issue. Therefore, many of the newest designs feature hidden storage components such as chests, ottomans, and coffee tables that do double duty by lifting up and serving as a food tray while at the same time revealing a roomy bin underneath that can store blankets, movies, and games neatly out of sight.

Contemporary furniture styles are also beginning to incorporate more fabric choices. No longer does all modern furniture have to be cold or limited to a few solid colors, but there are more textures, stripes and geometric patterns, and warm and bright shades to choose from.

A few specific examples of some of the best selling modern furniture include the platform bed, tables topped with quartz, glass, recycled or other natural “green” materials, retro styles, beds with headboards that adjust for ultimate comfort, modular everything including seating arrangements that can be entirely reconfigured to fit into a variety of spaces, modern furniture with wireless electronic components and futuristic recessed lighting built in, and convertible designs that can transform into an entirely different piece of furniture such as a kitchen table where the top is removable or folds open to reveal a game table.

Buyers want modern furniture that is portable, made from high-quality materials, easy to clean, and ergonomically designed. There is also a movement toward larger dining room tables with extensions, bio-ethanol fireplaces, other eco-friendly elements, and furniture that is versatile and can be used either inside or outdoors, indicating a growing trend toward entertaining in the home, family, and outdoor living with a greater concern for the environment.

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