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GPIndiaConnection Launches Free Stuff Service Which Allows People to Claim Items For Free

GPIndiaConnection.com, a portal dedicated to connect members of Philadelphia Indian Community with each other, offers a unique service that allows its members to donate and claim items for free.
Lansdale, , PA , United States (pr4links.com) 06/05/2011
There is a sizeable population of Indians in Philadelphia. While some of them have been a part of the community since generations, there are also a number of first-generation Indians living in Philadelphia. Indian joint-family system is well-known and when Indians move out to work or live in other countries, they tend to form close-knit communities that act as a support to all the individuals. GPIndiaConnection.com was developed to provide the Indians living in Philadelphia with an online platform to form connections with each other.

The portal also provides information that would interest and help the Philadelphia Indian community: names and addresses of temples, information on events and festivals that play an important role in the life of Indians, cricket (the most popular game in India) scores, and it even offers information on services provided by Indians and promotes Indian businesses. In addition, the members of the portal have access to a very interesting service called ‘Free Stuff’.

GPIndiaConnection.com members can use this service to donate goods or items they do not need anymore; also, they can claim items donated by other members. The portal does not take any commission or make any profit from this option, and the concept has been developed to help people find deserving recipients for their cherish items. An official from the company says, “We just wanted there to be a space on the internet where Indians from all over Philadelphia could add useless (for them) items, and others who needed the same items claim them.

The ‘Free Stuff’ section on GPIndiaConnection.com works quite simply: a member who needs to ‘donate’ an item simply logs on to his account and enters the details about the item. He also enters his name, and address of the person who has the item (it could be the member himself, or someone else). He also needs to mention the date on which the item is to be picked up.
The donated items are displayed in the ‘Free Stuff’ section, and the member who claims these items needs to contact the member who made the donation. They meet at the fixed venue and transaction takes place. In case the claimant does not take the good on the designated date, the donating member can put them back on the site as ‘donated gods’, and some other person can claim them.

This service can be very useful when people are moving to a new destination, and are unable to take certain items with them. An official from the company gives an example, “Suppose a member is shifting his residence and has aquarium fish. It might not be possible to take it to the new place, or he might not want to. In such a situation, he can donate it to someone who really wants it and care for it.

This facility allows members to give and take things from each other, and it is also helpful in connecting different members to each other. GPIndiaConnection.com does not take any profit from this service, and it is provided to the members free of charge.

For more information please visit website:http://www.gpindiaconnection.com/


The founder of the portal lives in Philadelphia area for last 14 years and felt the need for a good community portal which represents the needs of the growing local Indian community. The goal is allow the community to share the success stories, collaborate with other businesses or individuals using features offered through the portal.


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